“We Don’t Need No Stinking Assimilation!”–Scoffs Hispanic Group

With polls showing America completely ga-ga over Barack Obama, one ethnic group (according to intrepid blogger Henry Gomez) brazenly bucks the tide, refusing to assimilate to the American political norm, while thumbing its nose at America’s majority political party (this party controls the U.S. legislature, most state legislatures, most state governorships and boasts the most registered voters in the U.S.)

These insufferable (and genuine) Hispanics have long spurned the pied pipers of the majority U.S. political party, along with their allies and cohorts in the mainstream U.S. media, frequently goading both to enraged sputterings against them.

“Truly disgusting!” was how Bryant Gumbel characterized them a few years back. Last year Georgetown professor Norman Birnbaum, an advisor to three presidential candidates for America’s majority political party, called them a “truly repellent” group. This past November, one of America’s most influential newspaper (The Washington Post) and one that habitually endorses America’s majority political party, ran a cartoon celebrating their expulsion from the country en masse.

In a nation where the mildest, most off-handed– or even unwitting, see “black hole,” “niggardly”– mention of ethnic traits commits the professional and social equivalent of a capital crime, the usual sniffers and snouters on ethnic sensitivity issued nary a peep against the blatant bigotry just mentioned, or in defense of the vilified ethnic group.

Earlier immigrant groups have all succumbed to mainstream enlightenment. Though the Reagan Revolution made inroads, over a third of Italian-Americans remain registered with America’s majority political party, along with almost half of Irish-Americans. Jewish-Americans habitually skew 70-85 percent for America’s majority party.

Yet these insufferable Cuban-Americans simply will not see the light—simply will not politically assimilate. Even with the third generation registering to vote, a bare 13 per cent of these obstinately unenlightened people register with America’s majority political party! This is the most diminutive Democratic registration of any ethnic group in the U.S.! And 72% of these troglodytes are registered with America’s minority party (Republican.) This is the highest for any ethnic group in the U.S.!–more proof that these octopus and ox-tail-eaters are genetically wired to buck North American norms.

The 1998 census even showed that Cuban-Americans were 25% more likely to have a college degree than their fellow Americans. So imagine what Democratic drivel their professors tried to ram into their (genuinely) Hispanic skulls! All to no avail!

This is proof positive that these people are outside the mainstream and refuse to assimilate—even, after almost half a century of residency in the U.S., with all the attendant benefits and opportunities. What INGRATES!! We urge Senator Tancredo to roll up his sleeves and attack this outrageous state of affairs at once.

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  1. Today’s reality studio brings us selective amnesia at every level, but most of us Cuban Americans have yet to succumb. I haven’t forgotten (or forgiven) the saintly JFK’s betrayal of us Cubans at the Bay of Pigs, nor the betrayals over the years by other Democrats in office, too numerous to list here. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever vote for a Democrat.

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