Hey batterbatterbatterbatter….

From the latest musings of the former-head-of-state-whose-health-is-a-state-secret-and-has-not-appeared-in-public-for-over-a-year-because-of-his-ill-health-but-can-pen-lengthy-semilucid-editorials:

No permitamos jamás que los traidores visiten después el país para exhibir los lujos obtenidos con la infamia. Culpémonos también a nosotros mismos.

“We shall never allow traitors to return to visit to show-off their ill gotten gains. Let us blame ourselves as well.”

The comment is in reference solely to athletes and baseball players that have defected and joined the Major Leagues. All other Cubans returning to Cuba with their ill-gotten gains from the evil, imperialist, capitalist yanqui empire are more than welcome to come on down and spread their new wealth.

Alfredo Pong responds with the following:


Espera la tuya, fidel!

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  1. Gee, I wonder what he thinks about the lujos so many of his own people, including himself and his entire family, have obtained through the infamia of blatantly robbing or extorting others. Assuming, of course, he can still think at all.

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