Glenn Beck’s Tutor on Che

Please, please excuse the shameless self-promotion– but what the hell, it’s Friday and I’m preparing to go fishing (around EVIL(!) Oil Platforms!). Also, since some amigos brought up this issue on an earlier post I’ll add to it. Yes Glenn Beck had a pretty good tutor on Che Guevara. See the show here.

6 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Tutor on Che”

  1. HAHAHAHA. Yes Humberto I’ve seen that segment many times. I sent it to all my Che-lover friends, and they always bring the, “Well he fought against the imperalist…blah blah blah”. That’s why when people say that Fidel and Raul improved Cuban lifes with free health-care and education I ask them, “At what cost??”!!

  2. Speaking of evil oil, has anyone seen Black Gold on TruTV? It comes on Wednesdays and Sundays and follows Texas roughnecks in the field. I freakin’ love oil! (evil though it may be) Drill! Drill!

  3. When I worked on offshore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, I noticed that some of the crew would fish from the rig on their off hours.

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