Babalu on Australian Radio – UPDATED

Late last night I recorded an interview with an Australian radio show called Sunday Night Safran, that aired on Triple J, Australia’s youth radio network.

I came on to refute the president of the Australia-Cuba Friendship society who recently appeared on the show and jammed every bit of castroite propaganda from the last 49 years into about 10 minutes. Highlights include her assertion that all Cuban “expats” in Miami are terrorists. You can listen to her interview by clicking here and skipping forward to about 1/3 of the way through the broadcast.

The show with my interview will air on Triple J aired this morning. You can listen to the stream of the show here. On the right hand side where it says “Listen : stream last program ” you have the option of selecting “Real” or “Windows” media player.

I come in at the 44:30 mark. I think I did O.K.

I received a note from a reader that alerted me to the fact that the co-host, Father Bob Maguire, called me a fascist after I left the air. Well sure enough he did call me a fascist (at the 58:30 mark) after they played a song. The main host knocked him for not doing it on the air and invited me to come back and defend myself.

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  1. Henry,

    Be Careful – “Triple J” is part of the “ABC” – The Australian Equivalent of NPR. Their Demographic range is targeted to “Under 25” listeners -S-

  2. The host is critic of the regime. The co-host is a catholic priest who is apparently an apologist of the regime. I can handle myself.

  3. I just listened to your interview on Australian radio, very proud of you. I was born there 1960 and left in 71 and could not have done a better job myself. You left them speechless. PROUD TO BE CUBAN BORN AMERICAN THIS MORNING !!!

  4. Hi Henry:

    I’ve been a long time reader of Babalu for a long time. I am Cuban-American attorney, fellow UF grad and we actually have a mutual Cookbook writing friend, Steve.

    I live in Central Florida now, and your blog along with a few other good websites, helps keep me informed about what is going on in Cuba. Since my wife and I moved up here the net is the best way to keep informed.

    Anyway, you probably have already heard the podcast, but the alleged priest called you a fascist afterwords. The Co-host called him out on it to a degree, defending you by saying, and I paraphrase, he [Henry] was ready for a fight and you chickened out, or words to that effect.

    Like a typical intellectually dishonest leftist, he tried to play innocent, and then tried to sucker punch you. After that the host, actually did issue you an invite to comeback on the show. I think you should take him up on the offer.

    Also, you night want to mention how many Cuban exiles moved to Australia in search for freedom. My dad and mom considered it when they left Cuba in 1971. I know you tried to make that point, but I am not sure how clear it came across, but it is just a suggestion.

    Please keep up the good work. Viva Cuba Libre!

  5. The left loves to throw the “F” word out, don’t they? Well, they are the real “fascists” regardless of their attacks. Adolf, Benito, Josef, fidel, and their il are peas in a pod.

  6. You did great Henry. Did I hear right, that Father Bob believes that because the Pope visited Cuba then something good must come the regime? If so, he makes our point that a visit by a high level authority, whether religious or political or just a “star” legitimizes the regime in the publics mind. Exactly why Obama, just by shooting off his mouth about sitting down with raul without preconditions gives points to the regime.

  7. You did better than OK! Great job Henry and please keep us posted for round two. Ding! Ding!

  8. Regarding who is a “fascist,” I recall from reading various biographies of Fidel that as an adolescent during WW2, he was partial to Mussolini and the Axis powers.

  9. Honestly, I don’t know what to say. I am at a complete loss. Regarding the woman who Henry was rebutting – I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anyone more absolutely clueless than this banana-head. Excuse me while I pick my chin up off the floor.

    God, I would love to get this woman on a telephone. What a bloody embarrassment of a human being.

    Reporters Without Borders is a CIA front? Are you fucking kidding me?! Unreal.

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