(f)idel’s Dissent and Descent

When (f)idel first started publishing “his” long winded and self serving reflections, they made headlines.

After a while though, you had to make an effort to find out what the tyrant was writing because the novelty wore off, especially since his “reflections” were mostly about world events and not about Cuba.

Now, “El Compañero (f)idel’s” blog has been exiled to Cubadebate where his popularity has descended into near oblivion.

Meanwhile, Yoani Sanchez’s quiet dissent has taken her blog Generación Y to unprecedented popularity.

Maybe all the attention given to Yoani has made the egocentric tyrant turn green with envy. (or maybe it was just liver failure, who knows?) But he has discovered that the best way to get his name in the papers again is to dissent.

So “el compañero” is back in the news today defending his mythical education system from the regime.

From Today’s SunSentinel:

But the convalescing revolutionary, who will celebrate his 82nd birthday next month, has not taken kindly to a recent spate of bad news on the education front.

“It would appear our country has the most problems with education of any in the world,” Castro wrote in the state press on Sunday, days after the Cuban government made public a decree calling back retired teachers amid a deficit of secondary school instructors. “I don’t believe, in the first place, that we’re so bad.”

Recent declarations by government officials and reports in the official press have highlighted some problems, including a deficit of more than 8,000 teachers.

Who would have thunk it? (f)idel the dissident. Although I have to say, Yoani is much braver and to the point than (f)idel in her critique of Cuban education, (indoctrination):

The only thing is, I don’t know if my son has graduated from the seventh grade or from the Communist Party School “Ñico Lopez”. The confusion began when I saw the diploma, which you can look at – here – so you can see where my uncertainty comes from. What do you think?

(f)idel who once had no problem executing thousands, is now too timid to name names and speaks in veiled generalities as he sheepishly dissents and descends into the trash heap of history .