On the “Miami Mafia”

I want to weigh in on Val’s post earlier about the Miami Mafia. I think it’s important to clarify a few things.

The expression “Miami Mafia” is one that was coined by the monster fidel castro. He uses it to disqualify anything said by the Cuban exile community. His aim is to discredit the exile community by chalking up any political power we might have to criminal activity.

Like most psychopaths he’s projecting his exact modus operandi onto others. It was fidel who earned his reputation as a blood-thirsty gangster at the University of Havana. His participation in the violent mob in Bogotazo is well known. Also well known is that Cuba under castro has been a transshipment point for narcotics destined for the U.S. And more recently that human smugglers are working Cuba, no doubt under the protection of the regime that gets its “beak wet”. The regime also uses blackmail to achieve its ends. It acts as a pimp, selling Cuban women to foreigners. In short, the entire castro, inc. operation is a mafia.

Now, I printed up some T-Shirts that say “Proud Member of the Miami Mafia”. Why did I do this? I did it to throw it back in fidel’s face. Tyrants don’t have a sense of humor. That’s why one of the first publications fidel closed when he took power was Zig Zag, a humor magazine that mocked Cuba’s political leaders (the Colbert Report of its day). The purpose of the shirts was to say “If wanting freedom and democracy for Cuba makes me a mafioso then I want to be Don-Fucking-Corleone.”

So now we get to asshole blogger Markos Moulitsas and he calls us a Mafia. But he doesn’t mean it the way I meant it. He means it the way fidel means it. Poor little Markos is upset that Cubans vote en masse and they tend to do it for Republican candidates. That makes us mafiosos, of course.

Then another blogger, commenting on NGOs that receive federal funds earmarked for free Cuba activities that are being investigated for fraud uses the expression “Miami Mafia” referring to the alleged crooks. Now this blogger claims to be against fidel castro yet he has no qualms about using castro’s own vocabulary to disparage the entire exile community. And to add insult to injury he posted images of the t-shirts I designed. One is left with the impression that all of the groups that receive federal funds from USAIDs Cuba program are crooked and furthermore that it’s a “Miami” problem. Not only that, I’m personally hurt because this person, who I’ve met personally and have been very friendly with, uses my design for the exact opposite purpose that I had in mind when I designed it.

As the founder of this blog, Val has never really required anything of anyone. The one thing he’s asked for is that we don’t use Babalu to attack other exiles because when we tear down one of our own we tear ourselves down. As a further clarification, before someone gets technical, that policy doesn’t apply to people who are seeking public office by trying to divide the community or people that spout the castro party line.

The blogger who did this perhaps should have paid more attention to Michael Corleone in the movie.

Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again. Ever.

I have no problem with people commenting on the fraud in USAIDs Cuba programs. It should be investigated and the guilty punished. But painting every activist that takes USAID funds as a mafioso does nothing to advance the cause of Cuban liberty, it only gives ammunition to douchebags like Markos Moulitsas.

When I get home, I’ll be taking the Miami Mafia T-shirts down from my online store. I thought I could disarm the expression like blacks do with the word they call themselves but don’t permit others to call them. I was wrong. One of my fellow “n______” has turned on me.

5 thoughts on “On the “Miami Mafia””

  1. henry-

    don’t know much about this debate. but i think that anybody that sees those shirts has to know that they are meant as a slap in the face to bearded dictator. anyone that thinks otherwise is either not familiar with the cause or being disingenuous.


  2. Henry,Val and whoever it may concern….

    Keep using Miami Mafia the way you’ve been using it all this time….please,think with your brain,let your heart rest for a while..

    remember one thing….what the Castroites ,useful idiots,lefties,and others hate more is when we take one of their simbols,phrases and turn them into ours with jocke included…..THEY REALLY HATE THAT….so,please,KEEP GOING AND GOING WITH THE MIAMI MAFIA…by the way,i live in Texas and i’m a proud member of the MIAMI MAFIA,just happend to be “visiting” Texas…


  3. henry – no way! Don’t let these HPs frame the debate, and don’t take down your signs/shirts. If you take down your shirts, the m-f’s win. I would be great if everyone in Miami was walking down the street wearing one.

  4. I wore my shirt out wearing it around town with the simple purpose to provoke conversation. I could almost write a book. I also think you should keep the goods up.

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