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Despite a bevy of reporters and journalists from all major MSM entities, there arent many news articles regarding Rev. Sharpton’s call for the release of Cuba’s prisoners of conscience.

Here’s just one from the Epoch Times:

Al Sharpton to Cuba: Free Afro-Cuban Prisoners

NEW YORK—Reverend Al Sharpton stood with several Afro-Cubans adjacent to the Cuban Mission to the United Nations yesterday to protest the jailing of Afro-Cuban political dissidents by the Cuban government.

The imprisonment of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez,” and other Afro-Cuban dissenters and opposition leaders has prompted Sharpton to speak out against Cuba’s many human rights abuses and to ask to meet with Cuban representatives.

“I want to extend an invitation to [President of Cuba] Raul Castro for an open dialogue,” said Sharpton.

Of course, those of us that know the castro regime understand that there’s nosuch thing as an “open dialogue” with raul castro and that, acording to the castro regime, Cuba has no prisoners of conscience or political prisoners.

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10 thoughts on “More on Al Sharpton and Cuba”

  1. Val,

    I was looking yesterday in the MSM outlets main web pages to find this event and could not. If it was there, it most have been hidden in the back pages.

    It goes to show you one more time the MSM bias towards the tyranny in Cuba is more obvious than ever. Even if the one person attacking Castro’s tyranny this time is none other that one of their liberal heroes, reverend Al Sharpton.

    I should say that this is incredible, fucking unbelievably incredible, but I know better.

    Nothing surprises me anymore from the MSM, look what happened to John McCain and the New York Times this week.

  2. jsb,

    This is an incredible watershed moment, but therein lies the problem: there were tons of MSm reps at this event, and there’s nary a word written on it anywhere.

  3. One could argue that the MSM suspects Sharpton is not serious about this and that it’s just a publicity stunt, which may well be the case. However, if this was a more conventional Sharpton stunt, the MSM would have given it much more coverage, even if they didn’t believe it was genuine. They obviously are selective, and the selection is definitely not random. There’s an agenda involved, that’s for sure.

  4. Unfortunately, Sharpton may be pulling a Rangel in reverse for similar PERSONAL motives. A guy like him must remain very visible and high-profile, and there’s a certain glamour to being a player in foreign policy issues. Maybe I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but I just can’t trust the “Reverend.”

  5. asombra,

    Your points are well taken as I myself don’t trust the Reverend either.

    Although in this case I give him credit for taking a public stand on the issue (regarding his personal motives).

    As I said on a post months ago bringing the ply of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet to the American public opinion (regardless of the MSM attempts to suppress news of this type) would be a very positive step towards bringing more of the American public opinion (long controlled by the MSM) to our side regarding the freedom for Cuba issue.

    Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet can become our own version of Dr. Martin Luther King/Nelson Mandela type and his struggle would bring enormous international pressure on to the Castro’s brother’s tyranny in ways they have never experienced for the last 49 years.

  6. In a nutshell: I think we should take what there is. We’ve called for African-American civil rights leaders to help their cuban brethren a million times on this blog. Let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth.

  7. Yes Val, the freedom for all the Cuban political prisoners needs all the help that we can gather.

    Unfortunately the Castro brothers know very well that if they release all these prisoners now the horrors they went through in captivity will become public news in the international forums.

    Plus if these prisoners were to be released (this is a hypothetical scenario of course) they will have to stay in Cuba, not deported because if they stay in Cuba the power and prestige of the internal dissidence movements against the tyranny would be enhanced in the eyes of the world.

    This release of all prisoners move in fact could bring unforeseen consequences against the regime (Raul and even the decrepit/moribund Fidel understand this fact very well) because it could possibly generate enough international heat that could bring the regime’s downfall in ways that the Castro brothers never envisioned.

    That’s why I feel that the release of all Cuban political prisoners would never take place while any of the Castro brothers are still in power.

  8. Putin is the only individual responsible for this new “Cold War” and he’s not a true democratic politician (his political moves in Russia have already demonstrated his true colors).

    But what else is to expect from the former director of the KGB? He grew-up with that communist mentality.

    What scares me the most is that I feel that President Bush and Condolesa Rice are sort of underestimating him while showing too much friendship and willingness to work with him while Putin (with China’s help) continues to backstab and undermine the USA on foreign policy issues.

    Remember the last time President Bush and his father took Putin on that fishing trip at the senior Bush compound in Maine and they were not able to sway Putin on the missile defense issue?

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