When the going gets tough…

Raul Castro warns Cubans of more tough times ahead.

SANTIAGO DE CUBA (AFP) — Cuban President Crown Prince Raul Castro has told his compatriots to expect more hard times, but failed to usher in more reforms that many Cubans had been hoping for.

It appears that even the munificence of the great and noble and magnanimous crown prince of Cuba has its limits. Tough times calls for tough measures, and the royal prince has had to put an end to his wondrous munificence.

But Cubans who now enjoy the right to own cell phones they cannot afford, to own computers that cannot connect to the world wide web, to stay in tourist hotels that do not accept the currency they are paid in, and the most marvelous right of all, to own a toaster oven with no food to toast, can rest assured that their lifestyle is being thoroughly protected by the prince and his royal legions.

“We will continue to focus on defense, independently from the results of the US presidential elections. Preparations to defend the country are going well. At the same time, the engineering adaptation of the military operations theater, the updating of weapons and other military hardware, as well as the promotion and training of officers has been continuing.”

Now that ought to provide relief to Cubans all over the island; they can enjoy the cell phones they cannot afford, the computers that cannot connect to the world wide web, the tourist hotels that do not accept the currency they are paid in, the toaster ovens with no food to toast, knowing that their ruler is making sure their lives continue without any changes.

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  1. SANTIAGO DE CUBA (EFE).— El presidente Raúl Castro … dijo que la defensa militar se mantendrá al margen del resultado electoral estadounidense de noviembre.


    Voy a contaros una historia real.

    En mi pueblo pasa la vía del tren, pero no tenemos estación. Todos los días a las
    12:00 pasa el tren que va de Pontevedra a Santiago de Compostela. En mi pueblo
    hay un perro, y, siempre que se acerca el tren sale corriendo a ladrar como un loco.

    El perro observa que después de ladrar como un loco el tren se aleja; y está
    convencido de que el tren se aleja gracias a que sale ladrando como un loco.

    Ese perro se ha auto-impuesto la obligación de salir a ladrar para evitar que
    el tren se pare en mi pueblo.

    Todo esto lo cuento porque me da la sensación de que los Castro se están
    comportando como ese perro. Se pasan la vida ladrando para evitar que
    Estados Unidos invadan Cuba; y se han convencido de que Estados Unidos
    no invade Cuba gracias a que ellos ladran.

    Maybe someone here has the energy to translate, I found the above so on target I must paste it from some other blog.

  2. “Preparations to defend the country are going well”

    Well, that must be a huge relief to everyone on the island. You never know when there could be an invasion…from Mars. I’m sure everyone is really glad that all the resources and attention being spent on military matters are not being wasted on mere trivilities like better housing, better food, halfway decent quality of life and so forth. Those are just bourgeois frills (like freedom, obviously).

    Talk about complete and utter shamelessness.

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