Cuba: Coma andante in Charge?

A Reuters article today, titled “[fidel castro] still a force, two years out of power” would seem to promise some definitive information. At first glance, you might think that the author is channeling the ghost of Pol Pot, or some other infernal specter, as no one outside the inner circle and assorted useful toadies really know how “alive” the surely putrescent- whether above or below ground- dictator is at any given moment.

Despite the headline, the rest of the article devolves into varying points of view, none conclusive. Seems far more likely that the name “fidel” has become the equivalent of the Biblical “Legion” for the cadre of old style, communist “hard-liners” opposed to any lifting of the economic and/or political yoke on the Cuban people. But, heck, that’s only my opinion.

2 thoughts on “Cuba: Coma andante in Charge?”

  1. Generally speaking, when it comes to Cuba, the MSM either have no clue or, when they do, they still spin things to suit their bias and agenda.

    For me, the classic media moment, which symbolizes perfectly what I said above, is the (in)famous Barbara Walters TV interview of Castro many years ago. At one point, with Castro standing next to her, she asks a supposedly average citizen who just “happened” to be around for his take on the “revolution.” I need not tell anyone what the guy said. Whatever respect I may have had for the media evaporated at that moment. I’ve had no reason to change my mind since.

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