Alexander Solzhenitsyn dies at 89 (UPDATED)

Writer and witness of the Stalin Gulags dead at 89. RIP. While Stalin was purging and sending dissenters to the gulags, the Soviet apologists and intelligentsia here were praising him. Folks like Paul Robeson and others of his ilk who are revered today.

This is a real hero who took it like a real man and lived to tell about it.

Read it here.

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Update by Pitbull: Here’s a long obituary in the International Herald Tribune. I’ll have more on Solzhenitsyn, a writer that inspired me greatly when growing up, in the next few days.

Update by Cigar Mike: Love this quote from him in the obit cited by George wherein he hits the nail on the head when it comes to liberals:

His rare public appearances could turn into hectoring jeremiads. Delivering the commencement address at Harvard in 1978, he called the country of his sanctuary spiritually weak and mired in vulgar materialism. Americans, he said, speaking in Russian through a translator, were cowardly. Few were willing to die for their ideals, he said. He condemned both the United States government and American society for its “hasty” capitulation in Vietnam. And he criticized the country’s music as intolerable and attacked its unfettered press, accusing it of violations of privacy.

3 thoughts on “Alexander Solzhenitsyn dies at 89 (UPDATED)”

  1. I bet the folks at the Nation magazine and the Obama campaign will celebrate today. Oh wait, the Obama folks are so caught up in their marxist assaholia that they probably never heard of Solzhenitsyn.

  2. the followers of “the One” and the lefties will say that this guy was a “wingnut” who listened to Fox News.

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