Marco Rubio to Make Major Announcement at 11:00


Speaker of the House Marco Rubio to Make Major

Announcement Regarding Cuba Travel Lawsuit

“( MIAMI ): Speaker of the Florida House Marco Rubio will hold a press conference today along with State Representative David Rivera to announce his decision to have the Florida House of Representatives join a federal lawsuit regarding state regulations on travel to terrorist countries.

The press conference will be held today, Monday, August 4th, at 11:00 a.m. at the headquarters of the Junta Patriotica Cubana (Cuban Patriotic Council) located at 4600 NW 7th Street .

During the 2008 session the Florida House of Representatives and Florida Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation regulating travel agencies operating in Florida and selling travel from Florida to terrorist nations such as Cuba . Governor Charlie Crist signed the legislation into law, which was subsequently challenged in federal court by several travel agencies.

“The travel agencies that filed suit against this law have clearly misrepresented the will and intent of the Florida legislature. As Speaker of the House, I have a duty to protect the integrity and prerogatives of the institution and I intend to do so vigorously,” stated Speaker Marco Rubio.

Representative Rivera, the sponsor of the legislation, stated, “I congratulate Speaker Rubio for his leadership in defending the integrity of the Florida House of Representatives in this lawsuit. The travel agencies involved in this case have shown their willingness to misrepresent and distort the intent of the legislation and it is important that the Florida House be able to defend itself from these desperate and dishonest tactics.”

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4 thoughts on “Marco Rubio to Make Major Announcement at 11:00”

  1. I think the Kid is wrong and he shouldn’t mess with Cubans that want to see their families, that is a no no.
    I personally if I had my parents in cuba would go in a raft to see them.
    Mr. (r)ubio stick to State Issues instead of Federal issues which you were not elected for,IMO.

  2. I’m a fan of Speaker Rubio’s on most things, but he’s dead wrong on the law here. The State of Florida has no authority to regulate international commerce: that’s the federal government’s job. When I worked for the House, I was the lead staff analyst on multiple bills that attempted to do similar and I repeatedly told the members they would be shot down in federal court immediately. Look up the fate of the Massachusetts Burma Law if you want to step back from the fishbowl of Florida’s politics and attempt to look at the legal issues objectively. Taxpayer dollars are being spent on a defense here that has no merit whatsoever.

    Before I get blasted rhetorically, I agree with the intent behind this legislation, but if Rivera and Rubio want to actually accomplish it rather than grandstand and waste taxpayer dollars on a defense here that has no legal merit whatsoever, they can run for Congress. Which, in fact, I have little doubt they’ll both eventually do.

  3. What both of you don’t seem to understand is that the state of Florida regulates all types of businesses from barber shops to plastic surgeons.

    The fact is that these “travel agencies” are crooked as hell and most of them are castroites. Screw em. And Peter you could fly to Nassau or Cancun to see your parents anytime you want.

  4. Henry, with all due respect, saying that I don’t understand that is completely ridiculous. I’m a prosecutor and I’m all for going after corruption and nailing these people to the floor in every way possible. This just isn’t one of those ways.

    FYI, rather than rehash all the legal issues in these comments, here’s my analysis of a bill from a few years back regarding cutting state financial aid to college students from countries designated state sponsors of terrorism. Federalism cuts both ways: it means there are areas that only the states can regulate, and areas only the feds can regulate. It was a bill I was accused of killing when it died in Judiciary: as you probably know, committees rarely actually vote down legislation in Florida.

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