Pa’ los colchones!


Starting February your kids can begin “extorting businesses, monopolizing illegal-crime rings, and defeating new (mafia) families in an effort to become the most powerful mob family in America” with the new Godfather II video game. They’ll be able to go to the mattresses in Florida, New York and, of course, in that paradigm of organized crime that was pre-castro Cuba.

No word yet on whether the game will contain a Superman scene.

5 thoughts on “Pa’ los colchones!”

  1. I know you guys like the Godfather movies and some of you might even say that it’s one of the greatest films ever, but the stereotype that Coppola perpetuated is unforgivable. I remember when the movie first aired on TV in the 1970s – my parents saw it and when the part with Cuba was shown they were not happy. I can still recall my dad saying it was all a lie, my mom was quite upset too.

    Plus if you don’t know this but Francis Ford Coppola has had a very good relationship with the official film school in Cuba. About ten years ago he wanted to fly his private plane or sail to Havana for the film festival. The US did not allow this, but he ended up going and transpoting tons of Italian food products and he had a 2 day party were he cooked pasta for the “students” at the dictatorship run school.

    So I don’t patronize Coppola, or his movies, his daughter or his son Roman, I don’t drink their wine. I was going to say something mean but I must hold back.
    “Spielberg enthused about the energy of the place, spoke out against the embargo and was reported as saying that he’d love to make a film in Cuba. But the students’ favourite remains Francis Ford Coppola, who visited in 1998: he hung around the cafe for two days and cooked pasta for everyone in the canteen.”

    “Fidel I love you. We both have the same initials. We are both powerful men. And we both use our power for good.”
    Francis Ford Coppola:

  2. But when one looks at Scarface – it’s so over the top that it parodies itself – it’s comedy because no one in their right mind can’t take it seriously. The scene where “Manolo” does the thing with his tounge by the pool or the scene with the mound of coke that looks like a pyramid and the M-16 with a rocket launcher is pure classic comedy str8 out of the Naked Gun or Austin Powers movies! The Godfather is a darker sort of thing.

  3. Mandingo:

    “Fidel I love you. We both have the same initials.We are both powerful men. And we both use our power for good.” Francis Ford Coppola”

    What a sick S.O.B.! That says more about FFC than anything else. In other words, he is like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who loves Castro so much because of Castro’s absolute power. Some men like GGM and FFC love to be around powerful men regardless of whether these powerful men are nothing more than hyenas.

  4. I didn’t find Scarface overly offensive…That shit was hilarious…very over the top…Actaully a very good movie in regards to Miami and the Cocaine days…Check out Cocaine Cowboys.

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