I’m gonna be rich!

I have decided to start my own dieting enterprise that will blow the doors off Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and every other weight loss company. And trust me on this, folks, Slimfast, etal, aint got nothing on my new endeavor.


The Granma Weight Reduction Program.

If reading the above linked doesnt make you just wanna throw up, but actually ram your fist down your throat and rip your stomach out and toss it in the gutter, I dont know what will.

4 thoughts on “I’m gonna be rich!”

  1. I see these Granma comments as tongue-in-cheek satire in which the ever-ready wit of Cubans on the island manages to ridicule the Coma-andante without actually saying anything for which they might be arrested or harrased. Only the idiots at Granma and the nomenklatura might fail to see the satire in it, and then again perhaps they see it and employ it to their own advantage just as well. It’s the best laugh I’ve had all day!

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