I knew it was the Vodka!

Iowahawk reports on the Russia/Georgia thing like only he can:

Russia’s invasion prompted a quick stern response from GOP presidential candidate John McCain, while Democratic candidate Barack Obama urged Russia and Georgia to “work together to iron out their differences,” and “chills, y’all.” After learning that Georgia was a US ally, Obama clarified the remarks, demanding that Russia withdraw its troops north to Tennessee and West Virginia.

By early Saturday morning, however, Russia’s loutish behavior had gotten out of control, and according to some included wearing lampshades and carpet bombing of civilian areas. In response, the US State Department prepared a carefully worded rebuke, reading “Dude, totally not cool,” and the UN Security Council issued a special envoy to the region expressing “grave concern” and warning that “come on dude, you’re drunk.”

Friday afternoon’s must read.

1 thought on “I knew it was the Vodka!”

  1. Those who think that Russia will ever be a friend of the United States are out of touch with reality. I have several russian co-workers and I can tell you that altough they live and work in this great nation….they breath freedoms air into Soviet Union lungs. They left Russia once the communist govt. collaped because they were in the ruling class. The communist are the biggest
    fascist of all times. If they are able to get back into power in Russia, they will return to be again part of the ruling class.

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