More Heartwarming Support from our Latin/Caribbean “brothers and sisters.”

Hopefully y’all have seen ads for this forthcoming event. As always our Latin–and especially–Caribbean “brothers and sisters” are at the forefront:

Concert in U.S. with World-renowned Latin Performers in Support of Cuban Five

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 5 (acn) A concert featuring world-renowned Latin performers in support of five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters, who remain unjustly imprisoned in the United States, will take place on September 13th at the Hostos Community College Auditorium, in New York City.

The concert, entitled “Five Stars and a Song” and organized by the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five in an attempt to reach a broader audience inside the United States, will take place as part of a series of activities to mark the tenth anniversary of the unjust arrest and imprisonment of Gerardo Hernandez, Rene Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero, Ramon Labañino and Fernando Gonzalez, on September 12th, 1998.

The concert will feature Danny Rivera (Puerto Rico), Victor Victor (Dominican Republic), Chuchito Valdes (Cuba) and the Puerto Rican Golden Jazz All Stars (U.S.), among others. The evening will be hosted by Bill Santiago, who recently emceed the Gala Celebration of the Latin Grammys.

This will be the first concert in the U.S. in support of the Cuban Five and their families.

The International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five has issued an international call to action for people to organize all type of activities from September 12th to October 8th to commemorate the imprisonment of the Cuban Five, who were arrested for infiltrating anti-Cuba extremist groups in South Florida who were planning and carrying out terrorist actions against Cuba.

The International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five is also organizing a press conference to announce the concert to the U.S. media and the growing international support that the Cuban Five are receiving.

4 thoughts on “More Heartwarming Support from our Latin/Caribbean “brothers and sisters.””

  1. This is why many times I tell myself I am not latin, or latino, or hispanic – but C-U-B-A-N!
    This burns my ass to no end!
    Thank god they do not represent the viewpoints of all non-Cubans I know that do at least outwardly agree with our viewpoints.
    What does it take folks?

  2. Hi Monica,

    I am in New York City and there are some Cubans here, but from experience I have noticed that if we protest we will be labled as the bad guys and it will bring more publicity to the scumbags. Also if we do protest we will need to have many and also a police escort because Hostos Community “College” (that institute of higher learning “Latinos”) is in the middle of what you can call cowboy and Indian land and we might get shot up – no kidding. It’s in the Bronx!

  3. Well let’s hope the MSM shuns this event as it does to the human rights violations occuring in Cuba.

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