Another South Florida storm. Ho-hum…

So here I am after an almost two-day orgy with my new bedroom home theater setup: a 40-inch 1080p Samsung LCD TV, and my two new sources: a Samsung Blu-Ray player and Apple TV. Apple TV is an amazing product: I can wirelessly stream all my content on iTunes — music, movies, photos, podcasts — via 802.11n and Ethernet, in excellent fidelity. (Don’t tell the wife: a virtual 5.1 all-in-one HT speaker is next on my list…) While I’m in there enjoying movies and music, my wife is in the living room reading, my son is gaming on the laptop, my dog is sleeping and my cat is digging in his litter.

I bring this up to illustrate that those of us who live here in Hurricane Alley are pretty jaded by all the hysteria we hear. We have a new metal roof, aluminum shutters for every window and door, a generator, both cars are filled up with gas, and we have the recommended three days worth of supplies and water. We’re ready for whatever comes, tomorrow or until season’s end. After living through Hurricanes Cleo, Betsy, Andrew, Frances, Jeanne, Katrina, Wilma, the no-name storm, et al, us natives can pretty much handle anything. We’re a tough bunch.

The weather has, as of this writing, turned a little sour, but pretty tame in comparison to the apocalyptic thunderstorms we sometimes get in the summertime. Hurricanes and tropical storms are the price we pay for living in South Florida. Once the season is done, though, we’ll get beautiful weather in November, December and January, without the worry of shoveling snow. Stay safe people.

7 thoughts on “Another South Florida storm. Ho-hum…”

  1. Well, I do disagree with a lot of what is posted on Babalu..but I have to hand it to you, that room set-up sounds like heaven. We have a big-screen in the living room, but sadly it’s potential is not used. No surround sound, no blu-ray, nada!

    I don’t see the rush to buy supplies. It’ll be nothing more than some wind and a few thunderstorms. No preparations here!

  2. I was (almost) eight years old when Cleo hit in 1964. Betsy visited SoFla the year after that. Thanks for reminding me… :-(0)

  3. Kind of reminds me of non-chalant us Californians are with erathquakes. At least you guys have at least a 2-day window to prepare.

  4. J2, I would rather take a cat 4 or 5 any day over an earthquake. At least we know what to expect; with an earthquake, it’s crap shoot.

  5. Wait a minute. Are you telling us that we shouldn’t have enough food and water for 40 days, a 5kw generator for every person in the family, and that we shouldn’t immediately evacuate to North Carolina if not Denmark? I think you are irresponsible.

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