Thank you, Jay

From Jay Nordlinger, on National Review Online’s The Corner comes this:

For more than a few years on this site, I have spoken of a man known as Antunez — he is a Cuban former political prisoner. He is a liberal democrat — and a brave, principled, unyielding man. His wife, Iris, is his equal. And she herself now faces imprisonment. It started when she asked the Revolutionary Police to stop beating a man and take him to the hospital. The police called her a “black monkey,” among other lovely things. The sheer racism of the Cuban regime is very little known off the shores of that island. Of course, a lot of things about Cuba are not very well known.

If you’d like to read about Iris Perez Aguilera and her current predicament, go here or here. She and Antunez are one of the most amazing couples around.

Once again, Jay Nordlinger is one of the few voices that recognize the political prisoners in Cuba and our heartfelt thanks go out to him for using his bully pulpit to spread the news about the horror that is modern Cuba.