Food Nazis… (UPDATED x 2)

…They’re Grrrrrrreeeeaaaattttt!

UPDATE (from Henry):

So the media is piling on Michael Phelps for signing a deal to promote Frosted Flakes. But let’s take a look at some some nutritional information to see if this is really sacrilege.

The nutritional web site gives Frosted Flakes a B-.

A 3/4 cup (31 gram) serving of the dry cereal has 114 calories. It also contains 28.2 grams of and zero fat.

In contrast, Special K gets a B+.

A 30 gram serving of the dry cereal has 111 calories. It contains 22.2 grams of carbs and 0.3 grams of fat.

Special K has slightly more fiber and protein than Frosted Flakes.

In other words, it’s all about image. And the image that Frosted Flakes has is that it’s unhealthy despite the fact that it’s comparable to “healthy” cereal like Special K.

But to put a further point on it, let’s look at Kashii Golean cereal. Since the serving size is 1 cup I need to do some conversion. A 3/4 cup serving would have 105 calories, 22.5 grams of carbs, and 0.75 grams of fat.

So you can put that shitty tasting cereal in your mouth to save all of 9 calories or you can buy a box of Frosted Flakes with Michael Phelps on the box and repeat after Tony and George. They’re Great!

Of course the reason why many of us are overweight has nothing to do with calories in a 3/4 cup serving. It has to do with the number of servings we eat. But that’s a different story.

UPDATE (from George):

Here’s one of the boxes Phelps appears on.

4 thoughts on “Food Nazis… (UPDATED x 2)”

  1. I’ve never been a fan of Frosted Flakes; I’m a Cocoa Puffs/Count Chocula guy. But I just love the nerve on these nannies to actually slam someone who embodies the American ideal of excellence just because he doesn’t eat what they think is correct to eat. Fuck them and their Fiber One.

  2. I would expect this to come from “My Big Fat Cuban Family”. HAHAHAHA! Thanks for the nutritional facts guys.

  3. And I’ve been eating that weird-tasting (and VERY EXPENSIVE) Kashi Go Lean cereal for only 9 lousy calories?
    No, no, no; we’ve to do something about it, like, for yesterday!

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