11 thoughts on “Joe Biden on Whether Obama is Ready to be Prez”

  1. I don’t think he’ll pick Romney.

    The Mormon thing will not play right in parts of America.

  2. Hope this gets a ton of airplay.

    I can’t wait to hear Biden explain how in the short time since that debate, Obama has learned enough to be President and McCain has shown himself to be unworthy.

    In a poll in National Review online for who is best for McCain’s veep, so far Romney is leading with readers with over 1200 votes and Sarah Palin is closing in on 1000 votes. I still prefer Palin. She’s got it all. And to add to her being right on the issues, it will be fun that it is McCain who picked the woman and Obama, the agent of change, who picked a Washington insider who defuses the age issue because Biden is almost as old as McCain.

  3. The delicious twist here is that Biden and McCain have more in common (and are very good personal friends) than McCain does with Romney, Giuliani, Huckabee, none of whom can really stand McCain.

  4. Peggy Noonan in 2006:

    Let’s cause some senators distress. The great thing about Joe Biden during the Alito hearings, the reason he is, to me, actually endearing, is that as he speaks, as he goes on and on and spins his long statements, hypotheticals, and free associations–as he demonstrates yet again, as he did in the Roberts hearings and even the Thomas hearings, that he is incapable of staying on the river of a thought, and is constantly lured down tributaries from which he can never quite work his way back–you can see him batting the little paddles of his mind against the weeds, trying desperately to return to the river but not remembering where it is, or where it was going. I love him. He’s human, like a garrulous uncle after a drink.

  5. How does choosing a running mate stuck in the senate for so many years translate to “change” and “hope”?

  6. Watching this ticket until the election is going to be so much fun ….. far funnier than watching the Chitkoms cover up their derrieres with the underage gymnasts scandal. Rush is right, when the democrats are out of power, they are so entertaining.

  7. This is going to be a very interesting election year…..we should start putting a tent on this circus.

  8. From the Ron Fournier column:
    “Chief sponsor of a sweeping anti-crime bill that passed in 1994, Biden could help inoculate Obama from GOP criticism that he’s soft on crime â€â€? a charge his campaign fears will drive a wedge between white voters and the first black candidate with a serious shot at the White House.”

    Hmm, could this be the same “sweeping anti-crime bill” whose gun-control provisions, which Biden strongly supported, cost Democrats control of Congress and the 2000 presidential election?

    I don’t see how Biden helps Obama. Hillary supporters are still going to resent that Obama didn’t pick her. Leftist Democrats are going to vote for Obama no matter what. Middle-of-the-road voters aren’t going to be particularly attracted to Biden, and now more of them will vote against Obama on the gun issue. It looks like Biden may have been the only candidate who was 1) interested, 2) acceptable to the Left and 3) not a lightning rod on abortion.

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