This Cuba tourist video tells it all – UPDATED

Among the many arguments I get from pro-castro provocateurs is that I’ve never been to Cuba and therefore don’t know what I’m talking about. My answer is that I’ve never been to a Soviet gulag either but I know they existed. I don’t need to spend a week in Cuba, lining the regime’s pockets with my hard earned dollars to know what’s really going on in Cuba. As if a few days in a private resort drinking mojitos qualifies these people to comment.

Well a friend sent me this video which was posted by someone who recently visited Cuba. Unlike many of the idiots whose vacation videos I’ve featured here, this visitor to Cuba actually saw the island for what it is. This is a translation of the video description on youtube:

It was my first visit to Cuba and I probably will not return to this beautiful island until there is a change of regime. What you see (in this post as in the videos I’ll publish later) is the brief story of a progressive Argentine/Spaniard who he had a Michael Moore vision of Cuba until I visited the island. My view today is that there is no progressivism in Cuba, and that the only thing that can be done is to get rid of the Castro regime and open up to the world as did Hungary, the Czech Republic and many countries in Eastern Europe. The other solution, of the Chinese and Pinochet variety, would be better than the current situation, but not by much. And the current situation is really pathetic.

Another interesting thing is how the the man observes the same irony that I’ve pointed out many times, which is that the regime claims that prior to castro Cuba was a colony of the U.S. and a victim of U.S. imperialism yet the tourists only come back with photos of pre-revolutionary buildings and cars.


The author of the above video has some other videos on youtube. In this one, he goes to a museum of the CDR’s (neighborhood snitch committees) and hilarity ensues. The two women who work at the museum can’t seem to answer the traveler’s question about why the two statistics displaying CDR membership don’t agree. The answer is that one of the figures is the total number of committees and the other is the total number of members of the committees. Yet these two products to the revolutionary education system haven’t figured that out yet. Also in the video description, the man tells the story of how they tried to scam him out of some extra cash for the “right” to film inside the museum.

In this other video, our Argentine friend tries to understand how there can be elections in Cuba if candidates can’t campaign. How do people learn about the candidates’ positions. The woman of coure doesn’t know how to answer the question because it doesn’t really matter who gets elected, does it?

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  1. Yeah Henry, that argument is so lame. Hey, I wasn’t there either during the civil war but I know what happened. I wasn’t at the signing of the declaration of independence but I know what happened. I wasn’t in any of Hitler’s concentration camps but I know what happened.

  2. Interesting to hear the gentleman say at the 3:25 mark: “The only thing that happens in this country is that one hears is that how this country was a colony, and it was a disaster (interruption), and that the country was a (North) American colony before the Revolution, but the result is that everything, everything you see, everything you visit, all the buildings were constructed before the Revolution. And these are the conditions.”

    I see this was pointed out already on your original post, but I put effort into translating that part, so I’ll leave iy here. LOL.

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