Emergency activities on behalf of Cuban dissident punk rocker Gorki Aguila

We are launching a BUCL.org publicity campaign in support of the Cuban dissident punk rocker Gorki Aguila who was arrested in Havana yesterday and is reportedly going to stand trial for “dangerousness” on Thursday. Aguila could face up to 4 years in prison if the Cuban kangaroo court deems it.


For those who aren’t aware, Aguila is the front man for a punk rock group called Porno Para Ricardo whose lyrics are harshly critical of the regime. That’s why he’s one of our heroes here at Babalu.

The purpose of BUCL.org is to pool resources (money) to amplify our message. In order to put an official press release on the news wires it takes about $500 and we also like to do a Spanish release on the Hispanic news wires which effectively doubles the cost. We are looking for 20 sponsors at $50 each. If you are interested drop me an email.

10 thoughts on “Emergency activities on behalf of Cuban dissident punk rocker Gorki Aguila”

  1. I am proud to join this campaign and urge everyone who is able to also join. Gorki needs as much international press as he can get. We have a choice here, we can sit on our asses and hope that the MSM pushes his story, or for the price of an evening out, we can put our money where our mouths are and do it ourselves. Free Gorki!

  2. I don’t have a blog…and I’m not the standard-bearer of conservatism (whatever that means!), but count me in!


  3. You don’t have to be a blogger or the standard bearer of conservatism. This blog has a political slant, but BUCL.org is conglomeration of people with different political viewpoints that agree on the fundamental issue that Cuba is governed by a totalitarian dictatorship that abuses human rights.

  4. Where are Sting, The Police, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and all the other musician political activists? Hypocrites every one.

  5. Count me in, already contributed.


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