18 thoughts on “Ted Kennedy’s Speech Last Night”

  1. Hey as long as he supports affirmative action and is pro choice who cares if he killed a woman! che always said the revolution is more importanta than human lives!

  2. It’s funny how we are never sure how God is going to judge any one of us…I’m pretty sure I know where he stands on Teddy. I don’t want to go on I might say something that I regret – even if I truly mean it.

  3. Rick,

    Man, you are a total asshole. A petty and pathetic anecdote.

    How about saying “Teddy, you should have at least done time for manslaughter like anyone without the last name Kennedy would have done?”

    BTW,as Im sure you know, you dont “catch” cancer.

  4. I knew this post would get ya Ricky boy, right on schedule. Try to censor this: go fuck yourself.

  5. The worst cancer is called modern day liberalism. The biggest spreader of this cancer is the Democratic Party, Moveon.org, Soros Foundation, the MSM, and lefty bloggers.

    There is no cure. But with proper medication and psychiatric help, hope is on the horizon.

    Teddy needs to repent for his sins. Who speaks for Mary Jo?

  6. What stunned me is that in the video before Kennedy spoke they show him sailing, more than once. Not the most judicious image, don’t you think?

  7. they were commenting on that over at The Corner on National Review. They tried to make it so it reminded us of his brothers, whom not only don’t I remember but I don’t like either. The attempt failed. All I could think about was his fat ass swimming back to the mainland to avoid being found with Mary Jo.

  8. We seem to forget that Mary Jo was pregnant at the time of her death.


    What goes around comes around. God was still good to him giving him a lot many years than Mary Jo had. Not to mention the baby’s right to live.

  9. BTW,as Im sure you know, you dont “catch” cancer.

    Oh, I know that, Val. But you better tell your boy, Gomez, ’cause he tends to wish it on the people who don’t share his perspective of the world.

    George, I’m not the one who invests in anonymous internet surfing software. God knows why you need that crap.

  10. Hey asshole, last time I checked, Google Reader is not anonymous surfing software. That’s where I saw your sycophantic Kennedy post this morning.

    And just to correct you, Henry and I both wished fidel castro cancer. Yes. We did. As a matter of fact, in the grand scheme of things we were actually being nice wishing him only cancer; that murderer deserves a lot more suffering than that. Would we wish it on you? No. Absolutely not. We pity you, Rick. We truly do. You’re suffering enough by just being you.

    So please, take your karma comments and fuck off already, will ya. We don’t need Father Rick Flanagan of the St. Teddy of the Empty Bottle Orphanage to tell us how to act.

  11. George, George, George. “The last time I checked Google Reader…” is, of course, not what I’m referencing. No matter, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

    Actually, I could care less about you and Gomez wishing cancer on Fidel. Listen to your radio show tapes, George, and you’ll hear Gomez express a desire for one his ideological opponents to “catch cancer.”

    BTW, do you think any of this name-calling bothers me? Keep piling it on. It really makes you guys look silly. “Try censoring this!” WTF? Like I care?


  12. Dude, you’re a paranoid fool. And you do care, Ricky boy, or wouldn’t keep coming back for more. BTW, you’re girlfriend is giving her speech right now: better get that tub of Jergens out…

  13. Rick? Ricky Martin? I didn’t know that Puerto Rican queen was into politics! Shake your Bon Bon for me, Enrique!

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