By Yoani Sanchez


They took him because nothing destabilizes the intransigents more than a man in his most free state. At the Fifth Police Station, 3rd and 62nd in Playa, where the criminals take turns and a toilet is a painful illusion, Gorki rips the strings of his rebelliousness. He is a weird guy, everyone notices it, even more weird in a society where the model of the “New Man” is the coloring book version of the idiot in the classroom.

Gorki concentrates the attraction that his critics do not have; he sings, sways, and shouts in his bloody rock lyrics what others mutter with fear. He has a room lined with egg cartons somebody gave him, because if we added up all the eggs he’s entitled to from the rationed market he would not have been able to wallpaper even a closet. He is accused of a crime from the script of the film “Minority Report,” charged under the euphemism of “pre-delinquent dangerousness.” Translated into the language of reality, it means they put you behind bars so you don’t commit the mischief that others see coming.

In the case of Gorki, the charge has been led by a delegate of the constituency with delusions of James Bond, a neighbor woman they “advised” to make the accusation, and by a community that avoids interceding for the “uncomfortable.” On Thursday he will have his preliminary hearing and only some clothes and toiletries brought by his father have managed to make it to him where they have him “guarded.” There is little chance of the defense lawyer convincing the strict prosecutor that Gorki’s long hair, his rock songs, and the noise of his guitar, are not more dangerous than the inertia, conformity and double standard in which everything is wrapped.

More details about the detention are at the site Porno Para Ricardo.


This was originally written and published in Spanish by Yoani Sanchez and translated and posted in her English version blog. Since the castro regime continues to curtail her internet access and continues to block access to her blog and other internet sites in and out of Cuba, we are posting Yoani’s work in its entirety in solidarity and to help promote and distribute same.

2 thoughts on “Gorki”

  1. The world is strange place. In Miami or NYC a person like Gorki would most probablly be a pro Castro, anti Bush, anti establishment Che T-Shirt wearing Rage Against the Machine low life who would hate us Cuban Americans. But in Cuba, he is the opposite of everything we detest and instead he is our hero – just because – just because he goes against one of the most ruthless regimes on earth – and that’s a very good thing.

    The same way as if we “conservatives” would have been considered “liberals” if we lived and fought for justice in a repressive reactionary fascist East Germany or USSR!

    Where are all the American “artists” and MSM brethren who are now organizing “Free Gorki” concerts and events?

    FREE GORKI! cambio!

  2. Totally unrelated: I just saw in Gorki’s page that some of the pictures were taken by Claudio Fuentes – a very good friend of mine – if any of you nice web people has a way to get in touch with the web people of that site – please try to get me a way to contact Claudio – he’s an awesome, smart guy and I would love to re-connect with him. I know it’s a long shot but it’s worth a try. Gracias!

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