9 thoughts on “Wow”

  1. George –
    Here in North Eastern Ohio … I just ain’t ready for the leaf raking and snow shoveling … UGH!
    Why do spring and summer fly by, and fall and winter seem to creep and crawl?

  2. Later this afternoon I’ll be saying goodbye to summertime by grillin’ two packs of superb Nathans Bigger-than-the-Bun Kosher franks, burgers and some bratwurst. I’ll be washing them down with some fine Kirin Ichiban beer (my new favorite beer).

  3. every new year is shorter than the previous. Aways hoping for the best, especially this historic political season!
    Viva McCain/Palin!

  4. That’s how I felt. It feels like just yesterday it was Fourth of July weekend. I’m looking forward to the cool down from the 100 + degree we get here in Central California.

  5. Did you guys catch this quote from Gorki? Unfortunately funny, but true…
    “Esto es como las muñecas rusas. Sales de una cárcel pequeña pero sólo para pasar a una un poco más grande…”
    “This is like the Russian dolls. You come out of a small jail, only to go into a slightly larger one…”

  6. yeah, last week glancing at the dates of the correspondence on my desk I realized, Yikes, it IS August ~ where did all the time go?
    well, it’s perception; each day does have the same 24 hours, it’s just that some appear to fly and others crawl; it’s 90+ degress still here, but in the late eve the wind is beginning to cool ….I’m glad we don’t get snow 😉

  7. j2tharome –
    Re: Gorki
    AMAZING … One “punk rocker” in two small sentences speaks volumes to the over 50 yrs. of a failed ideology and oppressive government.
    I want a Gorki T-shirt!

  8. Just think, every day that passes brings us one day closer to the end of bestiality…raul, fidel, che. NO MAS!

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