Dear John (part 2)

Dear John:

Let me congratulate you on the day of your acceptance of the nomination for President of the United States from the Republican Party. Last February 6, the day after Super Tuesday, I wrote you a long letter explaining my serious misgivings about you. I told you in that letter that I could not support your candidacy because your conservative bona fides were not as strong as I wanted in a candidate. While I still have misgivings about your past errors — and I won’t go into them here — color me convinced that your judgment on the first presidential decision you’ve had to make was excellent. I have decided that I’m going to vote for you and Governor Palin on November 4. Enthusiastically. I’m even going to put one of your McCain/Palin bumper-stickers on my car.

Why have I changed my mind? Because of what I have seen and heard in the last six months; because of what I perceive to be the clear and present danger an Obama presidency will represent for the United States. I was leaning towards giving you my vote, while “holding my nose,” because the alternative is too awful to contemplate.

Last Friday, however, you did something extraordinary. You made a decision that has turned me into a supporter. You selected Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, to be your running mate. I had already read about her and was terribly impressed by her CV. Last night after Governor Palin delivered her brilliant acceptance speech before the RNC, Chris Wallace of Fox News said that it would not be an overstatement that a star was born at this convention. You couldn’t have picked a better running mate. She has all of the qualities I want in a politician: she’s a conservative, she’s pro-life, she’s a Second Amendment advocate, she’s someone who wants energy independence without all the angst and birdseed thrown around by the left. She is someone who can (and I think will) get things done. Any mother of five who can juggle what she has has more guts and perseverance than I or most men have. And I would not piss off a mother of five.

She is the future of the Republican Party and we owe that to you. Thank you.

My vote for you on November 4 is going to be a vote of confidence based on the superb choice you have made for your running mate. But that vote is also a promissory note from you to the voters. We’re going to be watching your administration and it better go down the conservative road we need to be on: lower taxes, less regulation, less government interference in our lives, our gun rights intact, a strong and proud military, a proactive national defense that doesn’t brook Chamberlains, babies that will live, and terrorists that will die. Otherwise, Senator McCain, the Republican party won’t be a viable political choice past 2012.

George L. Moneo
Miami, Florida

6 thoughts on “Dear John (part 2)”

  1. I cannot stand McCain and it kills me to have him as a candidate BUT I will vote for the hottest VP in the nation….Palin. I will vote for her because this season is fucked already! I will preserve the future by voting for……”The Reagan Babe!”

  2. The libtards on the blogosphere are going nuts. “It’s a scripted speech!” they say. And, of course, we all know that THE ONE sits there with his quill pen and parchment writing every single syllable he utters. Right. All of you are scared shitless because you don’t have a clue on how to counter a smart conservative woman. Heh.

  3. Reading your letter and the responses is like reading a mini history of the past six months.
    Your letter states my sentiments exactly at the time. I guess McCain heard it so often that he finally decided he really wanted to be President. So at least we know he’s good learner.
    History can thank him for his service to our country. But history will be grateful for his giving us Sarah Palin.

  4. Well, this ain’t no Dan Quayle, that’s for DAMN sure.
    That’s what I said too a few days ago as I saw her on videos on this blog and her acceptance speech on Friday.
    The funny part of it is that the Democrats and the MSM know it too and are rallying to derail her in every which way possible. They are trying to throw the kitchen sink at her.
    I feel that the lefties blogs (like Daily Kos and company) and the MSM are going to go so far in their attacks that eventually is going to backfire on their efforts and will elevate Sarah Paulin to an even higher political status that will cost the Democrats this election.
    And wait when debate time comes, then you’ll see the beautiful pitbull with lipstick clean her opponents clocks.
    This is getting GOOD!!!

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