Deep thoughts about life from Barack Obama

Quite a contrast to a woman who decided not to abort her Down Syndrome baby despite the fact some would view having the child as a “punishment”.
Also a contrast in light of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, no?
Barack Obama’s daughters are being brought up to believe that an unplanned pregnancy is a punishment while Palin’s are being taught that babies are a gift.
Hey people, make sure to hug your punishments when you get home tonight.

7 thoughts on “Deep thoughts about life from Barack Obama”

  1. For Obama’s Momma, as quoted from Eddie Griffin’s “Education” in Dr. Dre’s CD:
    “How bout bein a woman, and tellin the kid the truth
    that yo’ momma, you, was a hoe!
    Momma was a hoe, I was weekend pussy
    I had you to keep the nigga, it didn’t work out
    that’s why he ain’t here – but he a good nigga
    cause he take care of his REAL family
    I was just a dumb bitch, tryin to keep, a nigga that I wanted.”

  2. You nailed it! When the Palin preg announcement first came out the left was gleeful. How could Conservatives support a candidated who had a daughter who obviously engaged in premarital sex and was pregnant with a baby? Horrors! Easy, because a) regardless of how a baby come it is a gift from God b) because she is doing the right thing by keeping the child and c) the parents are going to try to do this right and raise the baby together. Regardless she obviously has a good support system in her family.

  3. What Can I tell you Henry, as we we know how full of shit Obama is.
    Yesterday he finally accepted the fact to Bill O’Reilly that the Iraq surge worked, just to show you his bullshit stupidity.
    I cannot wait until the regular Americans (never mind the stupid ones) that still believe in Obama wake up from their stupor and finally realize that Barack Hussein Obama should not be running for President, period.
    Because he does not have the right stuff (not even close) for that office.

  4. Now is no longer the time to put down Obama and Biden. Everyone knows they are not for us.
    I am so thrilled my first choice, Palin, was named Veep nominee. Now is the time to show everyone we know how happy we are about this ticket and why. My favorite thing is showing my liberal friends how ecstatic I am now. They knew I was only lukewarm until now and was expecting an Obama big win. Now they see me saying almost nothing but walking around happy and it’s killing them. I want them less confident.
    If only the American people in the main felt as happy as I feel now.

  5. Don’t you worry Honey,
    You’re on the right track in more ways that you can imagine.
    More Americans will be happier the more they learn about Sarah Palin.
    And more liberal Democrats will get more crappy and miserable because they’ll finally realize that the air has begun to be taken out of the inflated bullshit balloon that the Barack Hussein Obama campaign represents.
    Keep the faith.

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