7 thoughts on “Palin”

  1. Val,
    I share your views that Sarah Palin will be one day the first woman President of the United States of America.
    Since last Friday when I started viewing the videos of her comments on Babalu I quickly realized that she’s the real deal and the total political package wrapped in a woman’s body.
    Sarah Palin one day will be our own version of the great Margaret Thatcher.

  2. Ditto on that, Val.
    This woman could perfectly rock the White House, in a very close near future.
    And I’m very happy with that idea!

  3. Dear Mr. Bingley,
    I disagree with some of your assessments about the speeches of those who didn’t win the primaries, but doesn’t it speak well for our candidate who chose the one who made the best speech and wowed everyone?

  4. If she doesn’t stumble these next 60 days she definitely has the inside track. She needs seasoning but she has ALL the intangibles.

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