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While Cubans recover and somehow find a way to survive on their own after the devastation of Hurricane Gustav, they can feel better about their slave master’s lack of attention. You see, their slave master would love to help but he’s a little busy right now. Even though the normally tough life experienced by the non-elite Cuban majority has gotten exponentially tougher after Gustav, the slave master can only do so much. Especially when he’s so busy planning for this:

Cuba to Organize 2011 Cocktail Contest
Havana, Sep 5 (Prensa Latina) Cuba is ready to organize a World Cocktail Championship for 2011 due to their excellent quality in hosting leisure activities, as revealed by a MINTUR (Ministry of Tourism) report that quoted top officials of the sector.
The report is based on the opinions of Vicepresident for North America of the International Bartenders Association (IBA) Jose Ascona, who participated in the recently finished 12th Pan American Cocktail Championship 2008, headquartered at Havana Libre Tryp hotel in this city.
Ascona reiterated the official notice published in the MINTUR web page and emphasized that the island is fully surpassing the expectations of the barmen of tens of countries that will participate in the contest.
He emphasized that such results corroborate the possibility for this island to be able to organize a World Cocktail Championship, and reiterated his willingness to propose such initiative and to fight to achieve that objective in the 2011 contest.
The manager expressed satisfaction with good organization, quality and variety of the program of the 12th Pan American Championship.

So while there may be no food, no water, no medicine, and no hope for a decent existence for Cubans, at least they know that their slave master is working hard to ensure that in 2011 they have a most excellent “Cocktail Contest.”
Party on, dude!

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  1. Not to be any more frivolous than the topic, BUT ….with all the money this ba*****rd has, why doesn’t he get a facelift? A little Botox?

  2. I see your point, but he doesn’t need a facelift, because he gets what he wants anyway. I’ve heard that as Chief of the Armed Forces, he has promoted quite a few handsome soldiers who have bugarroned themselves out to him in exchange for sexual favors. In fact, a friend of mine was telling me about one officer that used to live next to him and this rather handsome married man was constantly followed around by raul’s secret service after raul spotted him one day and became smittened by him. The guy finally gave in and gave raul what he wanted. He was then promoted the officer and left him alone. So, you see he really doesn’t need a facelift. He always gets what he wants!

  3. Alberto –
    Why not a Sandwich Competition? A Raul Sandwich!
    Stale Bologna – Hold the Bread (because there isn’t any!) -S-

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