And speaking of money…

Lots of talk and editorializing going around on a possible “moratorium” of the remittance restrictions and, of course, the old panacea of “lifting the embargo” to help the Cuban people that have been, and are, as I type this, being pummeled by severe weather via Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.
Were this any other country in the world we’re talking about, international relief organizations would have already been mobilized and be standing ready to go to ground zero and begin assisting those in dire need. The Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the World Health Organization, etc. would be on their way to the disaster area with supplies, food, medicines, doctors, emergency personnel – the whole nine yards.
But Cuba does not allow these organizations to come in and help the population, no matter how dire the circumstances, no matter how deadly the circumstances. The Cuban government simply does not allow it. Period.
And the Cuban government, true to form, despite it’s not allowing humanitarian agencies and organizations into the island for relief efforts, despite it being the cause of the complete and utter collapse of the country’s infrastructure, despite it being the cause of the country’s rampant poverty, despite that it does not allow its own people to form relief organizations and groups, and despite the fact that it is responsible not only for the misery of the Cuban family but the separation of same, is not interested in humanitarian aid from abroad unless it’s in the form of currency.
They don’t want medical supplies and powdered milk. They dont want doctors and disaster experts. They don’t want machinery and operators of same. They want the US Government to lift restrictions on remittances and ideally lift the embargo altogether, exploiting, once again, the tragedy of the Cuban people.
They want you to send your family – the very same family they themselves separated you from – money.
No band-aids and cans of salchichas. No blankets and clothes. No tools and building materials. No potable water and MRE’s.
Money. Just send money. According to the Cuban government, it solves all ills.
I was asked to sign a petition, which a few of our good friends and colleagues have signed, calling for a moratorium on the remittance restrictions for 90 days from the US Government and a moratorium on levies and taxes put on same by the Cuban government for the same time frame. I will not be signing the petition at this time.
Perhaps, should the Cuban government show the most minimal inclination that it does, in fact, desire to truly help its own people without it being some propaganda boon or some ploy with ulterior motives, I may then take pen to petition. As it is, I cannot, despite the emotional and spiritual turmoil it may cause within me.
I have stated here a million times that I am no one to tell anyone not to send money to their families on the island. And I am not asking anyone here not to do same. Do as your conscience demands.

2 thoughts on “And speaking of money…”

  1. As you know, I received the petition as well and refused to sign it as well. The tone of the email was, of course, accusatory towards the United States without nary a mention of what the regime does on a daily basis to fuck over its people.

  2. Any aid of any kind that has to go through government hands will be used by said government as it sees fit and as suits its needs, NOT those of the people. That government has been screwing the people over for half a century, and it’s not going to change now. To those in power, any natural disaster is simply a way to extract additional resources from foreign sources. The people themselves are beside the point. They always have been.

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