Worst candidate evah?

Barack Obama AKA Barry Obama AKA Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barack Millhouse Obama AKA The Messiah AKA “The One” could possibly be the worst presidential candidate ever.
Consider that for eight years all we have heard from the media is how much of a bumbling dope George W. Bush is. When they aren’t calling him a dope, the left wing calls him Hitler, Nazi, Fascist, etc.
Dick Cheney allegedly only took the vice presidency to enrich his friends at Halliburton, for whom he instigated a war in Iraq.
Bush wiretaps allegedly innocent people and our first amendment rights are supposedly being eroded.
The administration supposedly stands for torture, and the constitution is allegedly being trampled in Guantanamo.
The economy is supposed to be the worst it’s been since the Great Depression and unemployment is at a recent high.
The administration doesn’t like black people according to Kanye West and many others, evidenced by the poor federal response to Hurricane Katrina.
The Republican party has been besieged by scandals of all varieties.
The Republican party has nominated a septuagenarian who is an uninspiring speaker an supposedly represents a third Bush term and he has selected a relatively unknown governor as his running mate.
Barack Obama, on the other hand, is armed with “audacity of hope.” He has allegedly tapped into the deep desire for “change” among Americans. When all is said and done he will have raised more money than any Presidential candidate ever. He’s rolling in so much cash that he’s reneged on his public financing pledge to escape the spending limits of the program.
And what does he have to show for all of that?
A deficit in almost all of the recent polls.
How is this possible? If all of the above conditions are true then it should be a a tailor-made environment for the Democratic nominee to win in a cakewalk. But he’s trailing.
The only possible answer to this riddle: Barack Obama is the worst presidential candidate evah!
obama_smoking copy.jpg
No wonder liberals have such contempt for the American people.

3 thoughts on “Worst candidate evah?”

  1. It’s one thing for a presidential candidate to be no great shakes, since the vast majority of politicians are definitely nothing special (certainly not in a good way). It’s one thing for the candidate to be merely OK, or average, or routine, or a mixed bag. It’s an entirely different thing for the candidate to be flagrantly, not to say spectacularly, dubious. The Dems have a long and amazingly consistent history of picking such candidates. You all know their names. Obama, however, is the supreme example of the breed. So far.
    Either the “liberal” leftist establishment that has enabled him is severely clueless and out of touch with reality, or it is so monumentally smug and arrogant that it knows no prudence, no common sense, no practical reasoning. And, of course, no shame.

  2. Just had a scary thought looking at the photo: this could be Sammy Davis Jr. in his “Rat Pack” phase, only far more arrogant. Oh yeah, he looks presidential.

  3. Henry:
    Good show
    Yes the left wing freaks, now in control of the Democratic Party, are merely following the words of the Che Guevara (as my uncle Jose Norman reported) something to the effect of: ‘the lie is our strongest weapon’
    take care and be well
    Larry Daley

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