Just What They Wanted

The regime gets “more or less” what it wanted from the US and the Cuban people get …. ROCKETS!
After the devastation of two killer hurricanes hitting the island within a two week period, the regime continues to turn its back on the long suffering Cuban people.
They refuse $5 Million in US aid because they rather play embargo politics, then turn around and tell their citizens that they’re going to have to make due, resolver, the best they can:

”In an eight-day period, two hurricanes struck us; that had never happened in the history of Cuba,” politburo member Estéban Lazo told the Cuban media last week. “Gustav affected the people in Pinar del Río, but Ike caused damage to the 169 municipalities. The country does not have sufficient economic resources, so we can’t allow someone whose mattress was soaked or who lost a zinc roof tile or several planks of wood to demand that we replace each item.
“The mattress must be dried, the roof tiles must be replaced, the nails must be recovered and re-used to affix the wooden planks. Everything must be recovered. That’s what the country is asking for today.”

While the Cuban people go hungry, thirsty, without shelter, and are told to use old nails,( I know, what else is new?), the regime has the funds and the wherewithal to ensure that tourists have all the amenities-just 30 hours after Ike left Pinar del Rio.
And now, the regime is partnering with Russia to give the Cuban people just what it needs: a Space Center!

“We have held preliminary discussions about the possibility of creating a space centre in Cuba with our help,” the chief of Russia’s Federal Space Agency Anatoly Perminov was quoted as saying by Itar-Tass in Caracas

Russian rockets, 90 miles from the US, again! The thanks the US gets for bypassing the US embargo and allowing the Cubans to “buy” $250Million in “agricultural products” which will be financed through “third parties.”

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  1. I went to the Granma website yesterday, and I noticed they had a picture of Anatoly Perminov arriving at the airport. I figured it was for hurricane assistance. How can the Cuban government think about ish like this when their people are homeless, and their buildings are crumbling?!?!
    Hearing that they have tourist sites up and ready is another absurd thing!! How come the fucking MSM doesn’t pick this up!??!? Un-fucking-believeable (Excuse my French)!!

  2. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why, if the US Gov publicly ARMED and SUPPORTED an armed struggle against the communist dictatorship in Nicaragua, why wont they finally do the same thing against Cuba.
    For goodness sakes, they already have a base inside gulag itself – and don’t tell me that they can recruit a few Cubans to do the dirty work. Just give them the frickin arms! – and another thing WHO’s going to come to Castro Mafia’s aid? Powerful Hugo? Dan “The Child Molester” Ortega? The Cocalero? WHO???

  3. We are forbidden by law to go in militarily — this was part of the agreement signed after the “missile crisis” — BUT, if Russia is establishing another base in Cuba, doesn’t that violate THEIR part of the agreement, making it null and void????

  4. More to the point… Who was the THIRD party that help the Cuban government obtain U.S.Credit regardless of the EMBARGO? Is this third party a U.S. Company? Individual? What happens when the Cuban government DEFAULTS on its payment to this third party? Is the U.S. government (read tax payers) going to come up with the payment? I WOULD really like to know!

  5. Mariana, the “law” that you are talking about, was an agreement made by JFK (secretly by the way – not disclosed to the US public). This ‘agreement’ made by JFK was made with the now defunct state of the ‘Soviet Union’ (not the new ‘democratic’ state of “Russia”). Therefore, the USA (according to ‘International Law’) is not bound by any agreement made with a country that is no longer in existence.

    Additionally, while the President has the constitutional right to negotiate treaties directly with other nations (SUBJECT to approval and ratification by the United States Congress), the President has NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to IMPLEMENT any “secret” treaties on behalf of the United States, much less WITHOUT the formal approval of Congress.

    So, bottom line, even ASSUMING that the old Soviet Union was still in existence, the “law” which you mention, would not even be within the bounds of our constitutional authority. Therefore, Bush or McCain can recruit, train, and arm Cuban freedom fighters (like Nicaraguan Contras) and air drop them into Havana, Santiago, Camaguay, Guantanamo, Santa Clara, Ciego de Avila, and let them fight with local Cubans to liberate the country.

    It’s very simple, Cubans are prisoners because the bad guys control the guns. Give the opposition guns (especially at this juncture) and you’ll see all the REDS turn tail. This is not 1961.

  6. Mariana, I would like to correct some mistakes I made on my previous response to you – which are of momentous significance, not only to myself (which I thought I knew to be a certain way, but which I want to correct now), but for all others who may read this post:

    First, contrary to many misconceptions (including my own) the “no invasion of Cuba” was never a SECRET, never part of any TREATY.

    Secondly, the despite rumors and misconceptions to the contrary (my own included), the USA has NEVER been (and is currently not) bound by any commitment to “NOT INVADE” Cuba. The USA is (and has been) free to assist, support, any invasion of Cuba – at any time.

    Below are my references to support these claims.

    1. It is not true that the JFK pledge to the Soviet Union of ‘no invasion of Cuba’ was a “secret”. JFK actually mentioned this at his press conference in response a reporter’s direct question on the matter – see JFK press conference Nov 20, 1962

    2. The “no invasion of Cuba” was never part of any treaty (formal or informal), but only a “pledge” by JFK to the Soviet Union that was unequivocally SUBJECT TO “on site verification”in Cuba by the USA to verify removal of all Soviet bombers from Cuba. This “on site verification” condition was NEVER MET and consequently the U.S. revoked their “no invasion” pledge. According to CIA Archive:

    “In exchange for the withdrawal, Washington agreed not to invade Cuba and, several months later, to withdraw obsolete nuclear-tipped missiles from Turkey. Because Castro ultimately refused to allow the agreed-upon on-site inspections, Kennedy later revoked his non-invasion pledge.”

    JFK also confirmed the ‘quid-pro-quo’ of “no invasion” pledge tied to Cuba granting “on site inspection” at his press conference of February 7, 1963:

    THE PRESIDENT: “That is right. Cuba did not agree to onsite inspection unless there was inspection of the United States; which we did not agree to, and part of that was the question of the no-invasion pledge, and the rest. So there has been no on-site inspection and I don’t expect to get any, and I don’t expect Cuba will agree to the kind of on-site inspection that would give us more assurances than we have at the present time through photography.”

    At this point, anyone under the misconception that the USA has been bound by some commitment NOT TO INVADE CUBA due to some assurances given by JFK to the Soviet Union, are totally incorrect. If anyone wants to provide documentary proof to the contrary, please do so.

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