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In his latest blog entry, (c)astro warns Cubans that “any product that enters Cuba for a counterrevolutionary purpose must be returned or confiscated.” He, of course, gets to decide what constitutes “counterrevolutionary.” Anything that shows the superiority and or generosity of the free market will be considered counterrevolutionary because it counters the revolutionary propaganda that capitalism is an inherently selfish and evil system.
(f)idel prefers we send cash, it’s much more convenient:

Those who receive remittances from the United States can, upon paying the relevant tax, buy the regular rations at extremely low prices and also purchase goods in the hard-currency shops which sell products that are now significantly more expensive elsewhere in the world.

It’s so thoughtful of (f)idel to let us know how we can best be of assistance and remind us how the dollars we send, will eventually wind up in his coffers because he’s the only game in town. A dictatorship disclaimer of sorts, like when you accept terms of service on a website only in this case, we accept terms of servitude.
So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to the bank. Repression can’t be done on the cheap, the dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to and (f)idel needs cash.

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  1. The trouble for Fidel comes from the fact that most of those dollars are pumped into the black market for purchase of items stolen from said government stores. I find it humorous that he seems to have failed to realize that. His own son, Alejandro even buys off the black market for cryin’ out loud.

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