Chatter from Al-Qaeda?

The New York Sun is reporting that intelligence sources are picking up chatter from terrorist groups. They speculate an October Surprise from an unlikely source is on its way:

In the aftermath of two major terrorist attacks on Western targets, America’s counterterrorism community is warning that Al Qaeda may launch more overseas operations to influence the presidential elections in November.
Call it Osama bin Laden’s “October surprise.” In late August, during the weekend between the Democratic and Republican conventions, America’s military and intelligence agencies intercepted a series of messages from Al Qaeda’s leadership to intermediate members of the organization asking local cells to be prepared for imminent instructions.
An official familiar with the new intelligence said the message was picked up in multiple settings, from couriers to encrypted electronic communications to other means. “These are generic orders,” the source said — a distinction from the more specific intelligence about the location, time, and method of an attack. “It was, ‘Be on notice. We may call upon you soon.’ It was sent out on many channels.”

Let’s pray it’s nothing, but stay prepared and vigilant.

3 thoughts on “Chatter from Al-Qaeda?”

  1. I fail to see how terrorist acts help terrorists’ cause. They may be a spoiler for this election, but I fail to see how their man gets the win from these acts.

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