Got them egg timers ready?

I dont read Cuba’s official communist rag Granma and I surely dont delve much into fidel castro’s “Reflections” therein or in any other official Cuban media. I suppose I could do so, as they say laughter is good for the soul, but I actually prefer using my time in more valuable endeavors, like sitting outside in my backyard and watching my grass grow.
Even so, though, I feel I should take a few moments to debunk a piece that will most assuredly be published in the next day or so – get your egg timers ready – in any one of those Communist bird cage liners.
We all know the castro regime is chomping at the bit and desperately awaiting this country’s November presidential election results. Their boy is obviously Obama, who stated months back that he would meet with certain rogue and enemy state leaders without preconditions. We all know this would be a boon for raul and co., as the only way they’ll meet anyone is without preconditions and calling all the shots.
We also all know that the MSM is in the pocket of the Obama Camapign and has been acting more like an advocacy coallition than the puveyors of actual news and truth. One need only peruse the pages of the New York Times, the Washington Post, LA Times, Miami Herald, etc… Pretty much any major metropolitan news organization is in the “Obama is the best thing since sliced bread” camp and acts accordingly.
Case in point:
The Washington Post today published a poll stating, among other pro-Obama things:

Americans expressed strong support for changes in U.S. foreign policy, with 83 percent saying it is “very important” to improve the standing of the United States in the world, according to a poll by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Here are other findings:
Majorities said the U.S. should be ready to talk to Cuba (70 percent), North Korea (68 percent) and Iran (65 percent).

Im fully confident that the media rubes and sycophants for the castro regime – both here and on the island but lets concentrate on the Cuban media alone – are busy right now, as I type this, carefully putting together yet another one of the comandante’s “reflections” (and, if not, certainly an editorial or two) quoting the poll found in the illustrious Washington Post supporting their theory that the people of the United States just cant wait to kiss and make up with Cuba.
I can also predict that there will be a few local politicians running for office that will also cite this WaPo piece and its poll hoping to prove to the “constituency” that their incumbent representatives are out of touch and that what everyone wants is CHANGE. Let’s add to these those who’ll point to those numbers and say “See, I told you so.” and then proceed to denigrate those of us who dont believe them simply because the numbers fit their agenda.
Because, really, it’s all about “numbers” and agendae.
The WaPo piece mentions the poll being conducted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and provides no further information on said organization (an omission that in and of itself implies that said organization is a legitimate, trustworthy polling source).
What the WaPo, Granma, Juventud Rebelde and every other media source publishing or citing this article and what those politicos like Joe Garcia and Raul Martinez, etal, wont tell you is that, as Jamming Wearing Fool found:

Now has any reporter even bothered to check out the Chicago Council on Global Affairs?
Of course not.
Why, look who sits on the board:
Michelle Obama
Vice President for Community and External Affairs, The University of Chicago Medical Center

So, to those intrepid reporters mouthpieces at Granma, etal, steadfastly working their “look, the American Public loves fidel, too” pieces with grins from ear to ear, and those hand wringing , BWUAHAHAing local candidates:
You can go ahead and finish your little articles and campaign slogans if you like, but we already know they’re bullshit.
I doubt they’ll listen, though, so start those egg timers right now and let’s see how long it takes castro and company to publish thier little fluff piece.

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  1. Wow that puta sits on alot of boards…Interesting
    Is it me or is it pointless to read the paper anymore…Luckily I only read the WSJ and IBD….

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