I Collect Denials

By Yoani Sanchez


There are those who have a wall full of diplomas, or a shirt straining under the weight of medals. Heroes who accumulate scars, and we citizens who stockpile frustrations. Not to be left behind in this widespread mania for collecting, I attempt to have my own collection of something. I collect denials of travel, slips of paper that repeat that I may not leave “for the moment” and airplane tickets postponed. All this with the same compulsion that others amass soft drink labels or ceramic figurines.
Stubborn, like a can of condensed milk, I have resubmitted my papers to visit Europe. Not acquiescent with the “no” they already gave me in May, I returned to the Plaza municipality’s Bureau of Emigration and Immigration. I waited several days, while the breaking of the machine that prints the stickers delayed an answer that I already intuited. In the end, someone in olivegreen confirmed to me that the penalty still stands. The corrective, being made to kneel on rice, is in my case a prohibition on leaving this Island. Won’t the Daddy-State learn how irritating children become when they rarely leave the house?
* Here is a link to the second document, in less than a year, that tells of my condition: Captive Blogger.
This was originally written and published in Spanish by Yoani Sanchez and translated and posted in her English version blog. Since the castro regime continues to curtail her internet access and continues to block access to her blog and other internet sites in and out of Cuba, we are posting Yoani’s work in its entirety in solidarity and to help promote and distribute same.