4 thoughts on “Jajajaja”

  1. Alisa (no not you, the Bad Alisa), this is what happens ¡cuando te tiras los peos mas altos que el culo! My wife and I would love to move and get a bigger house but you know what? We don’t do it because we actually study the consequences further out than a year or two. Stick to writing post-feminist crap and let your hubby make the financial decisions.
    BTW, if you’re “in negotiations with Paramount Pictures on a big-screen version of The Dirty Girls Social Club,” then why’d you have to default on the loan? Some big bucks coming your way, I’d guess, so you could make those mortgage payments. Just wonderin’…

  2. To me, what her attitude shows is a total lack of understanding of economics, coupled with an elitist attitude, i.e., it’s the “people’s money”, oblivious to the real source of funds, and she’s entitled to be relieved of responsibility, let the capitalists fat cats take the loss. Who the hell does she think she is? Bitch, is much to mild a word.

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