Tonight’s debate post-mortem – Advantage: McCain

My opinion on tonight? Advantage: McCain.
I think he did really well. Some of his answers I had problems with, but that’s no surprise since he wasn’t my first choice — hell, he wasn’t my fourth choice! He held his own against an occasionally defensive and rather stiff Obama who had to play catch up. I don’t think the nutroots will like The Messiah’s saying that he’ll send more troops into Afghanistan since they want all our troops out everywhere so we can all sing Kumbaya while sitting in trees and eating tofu.
What say you?

11 thoughts on “Tonight’s debate post-mortem – Advantage: McCain”

  1. I, also, agree that McCain won. First off, I paid close attention to their presentation and body language and McCain appeared poised, calm and affable, often smiling at Obama’s jabs, whereas Obama appeared angry. This was visible in his slightly cracking composure, glaring eyes and pursed lips every time McCain needled him. Obama’s weak composure was in my opinion not very flattering for the young senator.
    I liked how McCain mentioned Cuba and how he pointed out [critically] that Obama would talk to Raul Castro and other dictators without pre-conditions. This made Obama appear like he would be a dangerously naive president. In fact, McCain hammered in repeatedly that Obama is nothing more than a nave.
    Regarding the economy, I was not impressed by either McCain or Obama on this issue, although I do believe that McCain successfully made Obama look like one of these spendthrift liberals. McCain prepared well and mentioned Obama’s spending record.

  2. George, overall I think this was one of the better debates I’ve seen in quite some time.
    I was more impressed with McCain in that I was afraid he would be pummeled by the One. I’ve been disappointed that up to this debate, McCain has not hammered Obama. Today I was pleasantly surprised that he finally started to hammer Obama and I saw Obama on his heels quite a few times. I also think McCain got under Obama’s skin when the over under was that Obama was going to try to get McCain to lose his temper.
    On Foreign policy issues, I saw Obama simply saying: we should not have gotten into Iraq and we need more troops in Afghanistan. Seems he couldn’t say anything more detailed than that.
    McCain hammered him on Iran on the point Hillary nailed Obama on and Obama looked pretty light weight in his responses.
    ON the debate overall, I see it as a tie which is as you say, an advantage to McCain.

  3. George, this is my take on the debate tonight,
    1. John McCain by far looked more presidential and showing the many years of experience in both Congress and the Senate.
    Like Ray previous said I also looked at his presentation and body language and the way that he appeared poised, calm and affable, often smiling at Obama’s jabs, whereas Obama appeared angry.
    Barack Hussein Obama even thought he did not make any serious missteps in this debate did not look presidential enough no matter what anyone says.
    2. Barack Hussein Obama continued interrupting John McCain while McCain was making his points. To me that is not the right debate etiquette (regardless of the debate rules) as you don’t interrupt while the other side is speaking.
    McCain was far more controlled in this area and by doing so it will score him points with the electorate.
    3. Barack Hussein Obama flip-flopping during his campaign showed-up at the debate forum, yet he tried his best to cover it up. John McCain showed more conviction of character in his answers.
    4. Barack Hussein Obama did manage to somewhat stutter constantly (that heh, heh thing) and sometimes squirmed like he was not too comfortable without his teleprompter.
    John McCain looked more self-assured and confident. I expected better from Obama in this area , yet I should know better (as the teleprompter was not there to support him).
    My conclusion, John McCain looked like an experienced, seasoned politician in the debate with more control of the issues while Barack Hussein Obama looked more like a college professor lecturing his class.
    In my view of the many Presidential debates I have watched over the years Obama does not look too presidential in the way he carries himself and enough Americans will see through this fact.
    I’m sure that the MSM will look at it from a different perspective than I do.
    In the end I think that John McCain did much better that I expected him to do. Actually in my view he looked much better than George W. Bush against John Kerry in the 2004 presidential debates.

  4. FreedomForCuba you’re right the lefty blogs are all saying the exact opposite of what reality showed.
    Thanks for bringing up that point. The pinhead Obama kept trying to talk over McCain when he did not like what McCain was saying. Typical liberal. If they disagree with what you say, they try to snuff it out.

  5. From my conservative viewpoint, I agree with all of the above, but if viewed through the lense of the MSM, and those Americans who depend on network TV for their opinions, I think it was a tie.
    My own personal reaction: Honestly, I was fearful that McCain would come off looking stiff and old, and that didn’t happen. I agree with the above commenters that McCain looked more presidential and composed. I hope middle America also saw that. I have to say, this is the most exposure to Obama that I’ve had, and I really, really disliked him. Was it just me or was he doing a shifty eye thingy?

  6. Cigar Mike,
    I also agree with the comment Henry made on the next post that McCain missed a huge opportunity to blame the Democrats for the current financial mess.
    I think that John McCain is being too nice on the Democrats, he needs to start to take the gloves off more.

  7. I know what you mean George. If John McCain would take the gloves off then you’ll see the Democrats running for the hills and John McCain winning by a landslide in November.

  8. Although I was only able to catch the last 30 min discussion on foreign policy, it wasn’t as bad as expected; I had braced myself for the worst with McCain blurting out something regrettable, but I was pleasantly surprised; he actually did well, showing not only that he was well-traveled to a number of hotspots, but also he knew what was going on in those placed. Liked how he kept pointing to Obama’s lack of understanding …. and Obie, well, he looked like he needed a map out of the woods he had just gotten lost in. Foreign policy IS definitely above his pay grade.

  9. FWIW’s, I did chuckle when McCain used the worst insult a liberal can receive when he compared Obama’s stubbornness and inflexibility to GW Bush.

  10. Spin Spin sugar, McCain won! You would expect a bitch like Obama spending his life in the Ivy league would do much better debating. It seems to me that his scholarship went to the wrong person.

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