Let them drink wine…

Despite the fact that Cuba has been decimated by two hurricanes in recent weeks, hundreds of thousands of homes have been damaged and destroyed, Cuban crops were ruined and there’s a real fear of food shortages and epidemics according to Prensa Latina (the Associated Press of the Commie world) Cuba will be attending a “World Wine Tasting Contest.”
I shit you not. The commie rag that’s reporting this says in their English version:

Cuba will attend next year the World Wine Tasting Championship, whose venue is still to be announced, informed today spokespersons of the Cuban Sommelier Club, satisfied for the high level accomplished by local tourism.

Huh? Satisfied for the high level accomplished by local tourism?

The sources said that alter rigurous [sic] theoretical and practical tests, the best Sommelier in Cuba and representative to that world event, Marcelo Leonel Rodriguez, expert in wines of the Sierra Maestra restaurant of the Habana Libre Tryp Hotel.

Well I guess since the mess from those hurricanes is all cleaned up then it’s o.k.
This is a Camus play.

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