2 thoughts on “Get up, Chuck!!!!”

  1. Biden: “Part of what a leader does…. Demonstrates that… He or she knows what they are talking about.”
    That’s a fact Joe! You just demonstrated you know jack shit about the history of television in the United States. Television broadcasting didn’t begin in the U.S. until after WWII, with NBC beginning continuous TV broadcasting in 1946. ABC and CBS followed in 1948 (one would think Katie Couric would know this bit of information about CBS). By the way senator, you need to brush up on U. S. history as well. Herbert Hoover was president of the United States from 1929-1933. A fact that also escaped journalist extraordinaire Katie Couric. Twidle-lee dee and twiddle-lee dumb. With obama (and his 57 states in the union) as twiddle-lee dumber.
    How the MSM pander to this guy while they scrutinize Governor Sara Palin is beyond contempt.

  2. Some people may not be aware but Chuck is confined to a wheelchair and Biden was asking him to stand up and be recognized.
    I actually saw a similar gaffe once when I was watching a UM at OB once. Vinnie Testaverde was walking on the Canes side of the field and was introduced to Marc Buoniconti. I was in the front row saw I saw it. Vinnie stuck out his hand to shake Marc’s apparently not realizing that the reason Marc’s hands were resting on those special paddles on the wheelchair is that he’s a paraplegic .

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