The man that’s been a Senator since the discovery of fire just got his ass handed to him by a poltical “rookie.” Biden obviously looked comfortable as m colleague Henry stated below, moreso than Palin, but not only could you hear Joe sighing numerous times, but some of Joe quoted “facts” arent facts at all, something which Palin alluded to when she commented that pundits would have their work cut out for them tomorrow.
IMHO, this debate goes to Palin, hands down.

3 thoughts on “Sighhhhhh”

  1. I have been saying for a while (now I’m more convinced than ever) that the conspiracy by the MSM to put Barack Hussein Obama in the White House has many accomplices.
    Now if you listen to Kathie Couric bits and pieces of the interview you get a different view about Sarah Palin and what is obvious to me is that Kathie and her hidden agenda ambushed her.
    I wonder if more Americans that watched the debate tonight and were having second thoughts about Sarah Palin will realize this fact tomorrow morning.
    I think that tonight Joe Biden (even though he did not make any mistakes either) spent way too much time in details about how and when John McCain voted (and these methods kinds of distracts the audience because they don’t know if these facts are accurate or not while the debate is taking place).
    Tonight the undeniable fact is that Sarah Palin, a political newcomer that was 2 years old when Biden was elected to office hanged right up there with him for the whole night with no mistakes whatsoever and took him to task on several occasions.
    What I loved the most about Sarah in this debate (I don’t know if the contributors/readers in this blog got it) is the few references that she made to the great Ronald Wilson Reagan and the way that she used these references to make her points across the board.
    Now I want to read the bullshit that will come out tomorrow out of the MSM. It’ll be very interesting to watch how they will try to downgrade Sarah Palin’s performance tonight.

  2. FFC, of course Couric had gotcha questions. Please, how many folks know the name of recent supreme Court cases. I know some and I read them for a living. The woman is not going to sit on the Supreme Court for God’s sake.
    That was such a bogus question. Pissed me off big time. I’m sure all these lefty schmucks couldn’t name more than 1-3 cases by name that were decided in the last 5 years.

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