The regime is crisis mode, according to Reuters.
The crisis in Cuba is probably as bad as the “special period” that occurred right after the Soviet Union collapsed.
Aside from the devastation of hurricanes Gustav, Ivan and [f]idel, there’s the global financial crisis and the forecasted global economic downturn that is sure to have an impact on nickel prices, tourism and remittances.
The steep drop in crude prices will also have an effect on the Venezuelan subsidy checks.
Since Cuba doesn’t pay its debts, its credit worthiness is not subprime, but subterranean. New suckers to lend the regime money will be harder to come by.
This adds to speculation by “western diplomats and businessmen,” who between mojitos and 15 year girls do business with the tyranny, that these new circumstances might force the regime to make some “reforms” in order to survive.
This “blow” is especially troubling to one Mark Frank of Reuters:

HAVANA – The global financial crisis has dealt another blow to communist Cuba, already reeling from two powerful hurricanes and soaring import prices, and it could force the government to speed up reforms, Western diplomats and businessmen say.

How horrible for Frank and his western diplomat and businessmen friends that their little mojitos and mulatas playground may actually come to an end someday.

2 thoughts on “Blow”

  1. Gusano,
    whenever you post an item by Marc Frank you are required to disclose that he wrote more than 1000 articles for the official newspaper of Communist Party USA before Reuters hired him. You must do this even though Reuters does not.

  2. I will not believe it until I see those responsible for 50 years of torture hanging upside-down from the wall of the Malecon and the ransacking of Villa Marista.

    When I see that, then I will know that “reforms” will be possible!

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