Debate postscript #2

Biden denied that his ticket was against clean coal technology in America. Palin mentioned that that was exactly what he told a person in a rope line. Judge for yourself.

Our friend Captain Ed at puts it this way:

“We’re not supporting clean coal.”
“No coal plants here in America. Build them if they’re going to build them over there. Make them clean.”
Those are very definitive statements, not taken at all out of context. Biden was talking about exporting the technology to China, but also opposed very clearly the use of that technology in the US. In other words, Biden wants to help China create jobs in energy, but keep Americans from finding work in that same sector.
Those are his words. He may want to disavow that now, but that was what he said on that rope line in Ohio.

Of course the problem is that millions of people saw Biden spin his yarn last night and only a fraction will see the truth on the net.