A liar or just plain stupid?

Apparently the recent rehashing of the Obama/Ayres connection by the McCain campaign is touching a very sensitive nerve in the Obama campaign. Unable to keep the sordid association between their candidate and the unrepentant terrorist under wraps, the Obama campaign is now trying a different tactic to fend off the damaging facts.

WASHINGTON – Barack Obama’s top political adviser said yesterday Obama “didn’t know the history” of unrepentant bomber William Ayers’ activities in the violent Weather Underground movement when the candidate attended a political event at Ayers’ home in 1995.
“When he went he certainly didn’t know the history,” chief Obama strategist David Axelrod told CNN – arguing for the first time since the story surfaced early this year that Obama was unaware of Ayers’ past.

According to David Axelrod, Obama simply did not know that William Ayres was a terrorist and a founding member of an organization that advocated the violent overthrow of this nation’s democratically elected government. It apparently took him a few years to figure out that he launched his political career in the home of a domestic terrorist. Which leads us to another question: Is Obama that stupid, or is he just lying?
I believe the best response to this latest attempt to sweep the dirt under the rug by Obama and his operatives came from the barracuda herself, Sarah Palin:

“Wait a minute,” Palin said. “He didn’t know a few months ago that he had launched his political career in the living room of a domestic terrorist?”

I think the best Obama can hope for on this issue is that America thinks he’s just plain stupid. Let’s just hope the McCain/Palin campaign doesn’t listen to the Obamedia and keep the heat on him until November.

15 thoughts on “A liar or just plain stupid?”

  1. Obama is just like any other liberal/leftist he’ll lie and lie and lie until people believe the lie. Wasn’t there a guy with a mustache a long time ago who said something about that? Hmmm? I can’t recall his name right now…

  2. Obviously I don’t think much of the “connection” to Ayers b/c it was a long time ago. That said, I think Obama’s camp has done an awful job with the Ayers story. It doesn’t seem that they are sending a strong and consistent rebuttal against the accusation. I think they’re trying their best to bury it and not make it an issue b/c of its sensitivity. I’ll be curious to see if this Ayers story will stay in the press over the next couple weeks.

  3. Alberto –
    Lemmesee If I Got This Right. Professor (Lecturer?) of Constitutional Law, B.H. Obama is unaware of the subject of a famous Fourth Amendment Case. Am I missing something? -S-

  4. It seems the Obama was absent from class that day when they talked about that case.
    But just for the sake of argument, let’s just say he was not aware of Ayres history. Could he be so dumb as to launch a political career with national aspirations in someone’s home without doing some research on that person?
    I don’t think he’s that dumb.

  5. “Obviously I don’t think much of the ‘connection’ to Ayers b/c it was a long time ago.”
    I’ll bet Nazi war criminals agree with your rationale, Gumercindo!

  6. Barrack Hussein Obama, through his associations with th elikes of Ayers, Wright, etal, proves that he has absolutely no respect for the office he is seeking.
    That, in and of itself, should be more than enough for Americans to open their eyes and ensure he not get elected President.

  7. “For 20 years I didn’t realize my pastor was an America-hating, racist, liberation theology-believing windbag, even though he christened my children…”
    “I didn’t know my fellow board member was a violent, communist, bomb-planting terrorist, even though my kids go to school with his and I launched my political career in his living room…”
    Please, Barry, I know you think Americans are stupid, but come one…

  8. Yes they are Ziva. Amazing, ain’t it? The motherfuckers lie and lie and lie and lie and the Kool-Aid drinkers just drink it up like ambrosia…

  9. Ziva, does it really matter? If they are, then it’s just another lie by Obama. What’s the big deal? Let’s get back to discussing important issues like… well, like anything that doesn’t have to do with Obama’s character, past, or any other topic that defines him.

  10. ALDC- I’ll go with “Stupid liar.”
    I guess he also did not know Louis Farrahan was an anti-Semite when he attended an award ceremony for him, either.

  11. ALDC- I’ll go with “Stupid liar.”
    I guess he also did not know Louis Farrahan was an anti-Semite when he attended an award ceremony for him.

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