Another Photo of Sarah from Last Night

GOP VP Candidate Sarah Palin
Taken at the Boca Raton Resort during a McCain fundraiser. It was like a rock concert. The crowd waited for hours to see her. And she stayed around kissing babies and what not. She’s quite a woman and good looking too.
© 2008 by Michael A. Pancier, All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Another Photo of Sarah from Last Night”

  1. Mike – I got the hots for her too but that’s two straight posts that you mention her looks…someone is going to think your hormones are affecting your judgement. I for one hope that she takes the next four years to bone up on policy specifics – Dems won’t be able to stop her.
    Of course I’m saying this cuz McCain won’t be running for re-election due to his age.

  2. Hey, I’m a woman and I think she is stunning- right down to her 4″ heels.
    I may get to see her next week. Is it tacky to ask a VP candidate for an autograph?

  3. She’s hot but she’s no Hillary Clinton! That woman is a goddess! Hey, if women can moon over a killer like che or a commie like obama, why can’t we men do the same?

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