6 thoughts on “Santiago de Cuba…”

  1. I can almost see it in my mind. I can almost smell the sweet scent that the carribbean breeze carries out from the shores of Oriente.

  2. You Really don’t want to be there right now, I just got an email from a relative there, It stinks garbage all over the place, no food to be found in the agro markets, very dire situation.

  3. Yes Peter I can believe that. My memories are from years back. When Cuba was CUBA… not the crap that its today. Yo recuerdo a mi Cuba cuando verdaderamente era LA PERLA DE LAS ANTILLAS.

  4. Henry, good stuff – where are you located that you can see its glow? Isn’t it on the south end of the island? One of my first places to visit when I go to Cuba (si Dios quiera) is SdC where my mom’s side is from.

  5. Anatasio,
    Yes it’s very strange. I have to admit that when I think of Cuba I think of Havana and Pinar del Rio where my family is from and not Santiago but I couldn’t help thinking of Val last night because his family, I believe, is from Oriente.
    Last night we sailed from Labadee in Haiti to Montego Bay Jamaica. So we passed just south of Santiago.

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