Voter registration “issues”

In this NBC6 News article about increased voter registration, there’s the following quote from McCain Campaign attorney JC Planas:

“We do get calls — probably at least 20 a day — from individuals who say they registered to vote with some of these groups outside the citizenship ceremonies that never got their cards,” campaign attorney J.C. Planas said.
He said he suspects groups such as the anti-poverty group ACORN may not be turning in registration forms marked Republican.

Here’s a photograph of a trash bin taken outside the County Auditorium after the recent New Citizenship ceremony:


Here’s another:

These photos were taken after one of the “group” volunteers was seen stuffing some registration forms into a backpack and then emptying said backpack into the trash “when the coast was clear.”

7 thoughts on “Voter registration “issues””

  1. I’m usually one to trust people first, and very slow to buy in to conspiracy theories and the like, but I’m starting to get a very disturbed feeling about potential voter fraud with this election. Sure, it has existed in the past, but I have a feeling we’re going to reach new depths in the coming weeks.

  2. Thank you for this very informative piece. Whether we agree with the candidates or not, we can’t have the votes swayed by doing these outrageous things! I suggest you register at your local DMV or county registrar.

  3. I was involved in litigation with these lefties back in the 2004 election. The same thing happened then.
    It is no coincidence

  4. Do we have any laws that can land people in jail for this?

    If we do, why aren’t they going to jail?

    If we don’t, why not?

  5. Conchita, there are laws. What ACORN does is they hire undesirables; convicts; drug addicts; so even if they tell the truth, then ACORN throws them under the bus and say “he’s a criminal” … we didn’t know.
    These folks are dangerous!

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