Sing us a song…

Good friend The Nightfly, as we say in Cuban, se la comio:
It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday
The regular crowd gathers near
There’s a old man sittin’ next to me
Clinging to his religion and beer
He said, “Boy, let me say why you’re scarin’ me
It’s more than your funny last name
You’re mind is elite and you’re kind of effete
And it’s plain that we don’t look the same”
Uh, la-la-uh, diddy-dah
Uh-uh, diddy-dah…. uh, dah
Vote for a change with Obamaman!
Vote Hope and Change tonight!
Well, we’re all in the mood for the kool-aid
And you’ve got us drinking up right!
Now Dave at the bar is a friend of mine
He astroturfs blogs for me
He’s quick with an ad, and makes Palin look bad
But there’s someplace that he’d rather be
He says, “Man, I wish you’d have picked Hillary!”
And his smile clouded over with doubt
“Well I’m sure that your lead would be comfortable
Without Biden’s foot in his mouth!”
Uh, la-la-uh, diddy-dah
Uh-uh, diddy-dah…. uh, uhhhhhhhhh….
Now Wright is a firebrand reverend
Whom I’ve never met in my life
He’s reading Alinsky, who taught me strategy
For exploiting neighborhood strife
William Ayers got me started in politics
He thinks governments all should explode
We just happen to share some objectives
But to say that is racist in code!
[piano solo/teleprompter repair]
Don’t disagree with Obamaman!
Don’t bring my ideals to light
No, I’m not in the mood for real scrutiny
My truth squads will shut you up tight!
It’s a pretty good crowd for a debate
And the moderator gives me a smile
It’s her book about me that got her on TV
This event should be ours by a mile
All the questions sound like our talking points!
Got the media kissing my rear!
Got kids singing my fame, Germans chanting my name
Win or lose, it’s a hell of a year!
Uh, la-la-uh, diddy-dah
Uh-uh, diddy-dah…. uh, dah
Vote Hope and Change with Obamaman!
Vote for those smarter than you
We’ll run your whole life with impunity
Because we know better than you!
Outstanding, Fly. Outstanding.

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