“One Thousand Sundays”

Folks, if you thought the Weather Underground videos were good, wait until you see this:

The site, 1000sundays.com, has a series of videos exploring what is known as “Black Liberation Theology,” the underpinning philosophy behind Jeremiah Wright’s beliefs. You remember, Jeremiah Wright? The pastor Obama could never recall saying one nasty thing in church?

2 thoughts on ““One Thousand Sundays””

  1. I think Obama should be observed for early onset of Alzheimers disease. He apparently doesn’t remember anything. Not only does he not remember Wright’s rantings and ravings over the past 20 years, but he does not remember hearing anything about William Ayers being a domestic terrorist and murderer. He just can’t remember. Wow, he needs to be checked out in more ways than one. Hey, anybody hear today that Michelle Obama worked at the same law firm where Willliam Ayers’ wife, Dorn, worked as a lawyer about 20 years ago? I guess they can’t remember that either!!

  2. I remember when the Republican Party in Tennessee used a Rev Wright videoclip in one of their McCain ads. McCain swiftly told them to cease and desist. Those who fight clean with those who fight dirty almost always lose.

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