Obama, Ayers and the castro Connection

It was only a matter of time before a Cuba connection came to light in the Obama/William Ayers drama, because, if it’s ugly, commie, and anti-American, the castro regime is always somewhow in the mix.
From IBD:

Ayers’ terrorist acts in the 1970s didn’t just blow in out of nowhere. Ayers moved to urban guerrilla violence after finding Tom Hayden’s riot-prone Students for a Democratic Society too tame. He was inspired by the Cuban revolution of Fidel Castro, who toppled a democracy a decade earlier.
Ayers’ Weathermen were part of a broad upsurge of Marxist guerrilla movements across the hemisphere, using similar tactics to establish Cuba-style regimes. These children of the rich infiltrated universities and spread violence against the “establishment,” just as Ayers did.
Operating underground, Ayers’ Weathermen aligned closely with Castro’s Cuba, which aided Marxist terror groups. Some Weathermen on the run found asylum in Havana; others, like Mark Rudd, were trained by the KGB there. Cuba helped Weathermen on the lam by letting them secretly pass messages through Cuba’s embassy in Canada, says FBI informant Larry Grathwohl.

Read the whole eye opening, excellent article right here.

4 thoughts on “Obama, Ayers and the castro Connection”

  1. There’s nothing there, Val. They were just acquaintances. Barack didn’t know anything about his crimes. These are not the droids you’re looking for. Move along.

  2. “Acquaintances” George?
    You are kidding right?
    Annenberg Foundation, coming out party at his home, state funds for Ayers & others, friends w/ Said-Khalidi-Daley-Farrakhan-Pfleger-Wright all together raping public funds….
    Give me a break, are you off your meds???

  3. Sorry, I guess it was tongue in cheek, excuse me George…has anyone noticed that Miami Dade is becoming like ObamaNation????????
    I live in West Kendall, at least 20 to 1 ratio in terms of signs and bumper stickers for Mullah Obama!!!
    Wisely, Palin goes to Ft Myers, Boca, Orlando, Jax and the Panhandle, that is where they can win the state. (Dade, Broward, PB for the One)

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