Obama is simply a liar

There’s no other way to call it. His latest ads make it sound like John McCain is going to raise taxes and that Barack Obama is the tax cutter. Really? It’s all bullshit of course but unfortunately a lot of people won’t delve beneath the surface.
For example as I have already shown McCain’s new plan for healthcare would actually cut taxes for people. Yes healthcare benefits paid for by the employer would now be taxable but McCain offers a $5000 tax credit (not deduction, there’s a huge difference and most people don’t know that) that more than covers the new tax liability. The reason McCain wants to do this is to break the relationship between healthcare insurers and employers. The current third party system gives people less choice and is responsible for booming health costs. If insurers had to compete to get us as subscribers they would be a lot more innovative in offering packages that suit our needs. A young and healthy person might want to carry a high deductible coverage for catastrophic illnesses while maintaining a health savings account for the routine stuff. Right now that person needs to get whatever policy his employer offers (if his employer even offers it). In short, McCain’s solution is closer to free market solution. It incentivizes people to get their own healthcare and would make that care more affordable and customizable.
On taxes Obama is going around saying that he’ll cut taxes for 95% of the American people. But about 40% pay ZERO income taxes. He’s going to write a check to these folks. Meanwhile the top 1% of the taxpayers pay 40% of the taxes. He thinks he’s going to soak these people and get more money. Apparently he’s never heard of the Laffer curve. BTW if Obama lets the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 sunset the net effect is an increase in taxes for ALL taxpayers because those cuts were for ALL taxpayers. And Obama wants to tax businesses and capital gains which of course doesn’t affect anyone unless they work for a business or have investments. Do you work for a business or have investments?
Given that McCain is such an inarticulate candidate on the economy I’m convinced that we’re going to have to engage in this little experiment of Hugo Chavez style Obamanomics for at least two years until the midterm election in 2010. Jimmy Carter is smiling somewhere right now.

3 thoughts on “Obama is simply a liar”

  1. I agree with you that McCain is very inarticulate, not just on the economy but on about every other issue as well, not to mention that he’s not at all a conservative. Si sale Obama estamos muy jodidos. Let’s hope something drastic happens in the next three weeks, if not I hope you have a hearty appetite for cable, because that’s all we’re going to be eating for the next 4 years.

  2. Henry, while I overall agree with your premise, there is something the free market system does not do well with in regards to health insurance. That would be pre-existing conditions. My partner had lung cancer, had a lung removed, but has been cancer free for over 3 years now. I own a small business and had to make him one of our employees to get him health insurance, as there was no way he could get private health insurance on his own. No company would cover him, no matter what he was willing to pay as a premium. I’ve heard this repeatedly from other people. I am lucky that I am a business owner and could do what I did. What do others do in this situation? While I don’t like Obama at all, he is the one that has touched on ths subject, not McCain.

  3. There is no doubt that something has to be done in terms of pre-existing conditions. But the fact is that insurance is insurance. Insurers are not in the business of writing more in checks than they take in with premiums. It’s not a charity. The idea is to spread the risk to a larger pool of people. That can be done through legislation that allows people to join pools that aren’t just through employers.
    There are some safeguards for people with pre-existing conditions now. For example my wife and I both have pre-existing conditions. Mine requires me to take a med that retails for more than $120 per each months supply. My wife is an insulin dependent diabetic with an insulin pump. Needless to say she’s an expensive patient to cover. But if we don’t allow gaps in our coverage (I believe its 60 or 90 days) the next insurer has to accept us and cover any conditions that were being covered by the previous insurer. A lot of people don’t know how this works and then let their coverage lapse not knowing that their pre-existing conditions will be excluded from future coverage.
    And let’s face it, of the 45 million or so that are believed to be uninsured what do you think the proportion is of people with pre-existing conditions? Probably very little. Are we all condemned to live with high costs because of a few?
    Perhaps there is a role for the government to cover these few hard cases. Or perhaps a high-deductible policy that only kicks in after a serious expense is covered by the patient.
    We don’t have to force socialized medicine on everyone to solve this particular problem.

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